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Latest episodes

037 – How to scale-up your vegan business

When you talk to the founders of vegan companies who have successfully scaled up their businesses, you start to see a lot in common with how they did it. We look at how three vegan businesses successfully scaled up and what we can learn from how they did it.


036 – Live Vegan Business Clinic with Lisa & David

We take you to a live vegan business clinic with four Vegan Business Tribe members. Four members, one problem or question each and let’s see if we can answer them!


035 – How to deal with anti-vegan comments on your social media posts

If you promote your business on social media, then at some point you will get someone writing an anti-vegan comment. Should you just delete these comments or should you try to engage with them to bust some vegan myths and plant some seeds?


034 – Are you using non-vegan language in your business?

Lots of the words, phrases and metaphors we use in business have some very non-vegan origins. For example, should we be comfortable talking about our ‘brand’ when the term originates from burning a mark of ownership into the skin of an animal?


033 – What’s going on with Oatly?

How does a company that subverted the dairy industry now have the same people who championed their mission calling for a boycott of their product? And can a company scale up and grow whilst still getting all the ethical decisions right?


032 – Becoming your own boss: going from employed to having your own vegan business (with Trevor Banerjee)

What’s getting in the way of you launching your own business? Is it a lack of time, is it a lack of money, or do you just not know how to do it? I’m joined by business coach Trevor Banerjee where we discuss the realities of starting your own business.


031 – How to create your elevator pitch

How do you get someone excited about your business when you’ve only got a really short amount of time to explain what you do? Maybe you’ve got 60 seconds to introduce your company at a networking event. Or perhaps you’ve got just the time it takes an elevator to go between two floors to tell your dream contact what it is you do. What do you say?!


030 – Vegan crowdfunding follow-up with Happy Carrot Skincare and Primary Veducation

We follow-up with two of our members on the back of their successful crowdfunding campaigns.  David finds out how they decided how much money to raise, how they kept the momentum going through their campaigns and what they would do differently if they were trying to hit bigger targets.


029 – How to find your niche… and no, your niche is not ‘vegan’

If you think you are already a niche company just because you are a vegan company then I’m afraid you’re at least five years too late. ‘Vegan’ is just the sector you are in and if you want to find your niche, then you are going to have to dig deeper.


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