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Video course

How to get customers

Is getting new customers the main problem holding your business back? Join David in this intimate 8-part 4-hour video course as he goes right back to the basics of understanding how people buy, how to set up a sales and marketing funnel and how to take a customer over the line.



With David Pannell

Vegan Business Revolution: Season 1 Episode 2: Meet the former veterinarian who funds her bird sanctuary through merchandise and pigeon-themed gifts.
You might not know the impact you've had on people or the results of some of your actions until long into the future. But with the right strategy, you can turn those ripples into tsunamis!
Running a business is hard. You're often faced with doubt and there are times when you feel like you're not making any progress. But some of the things that you are doing now are creating ripples that you won't fully appreciate until the future.

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