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Do you believe in our mission to grow, skill-up and champion the vegan business scene?  Do you want to support our work to increase the positive representation of vegan businesses around the world?  Do you want to get extra visibility in our community? Do you want to shape the future of Vegan Business Tribe? If so, could you become a VBT Patron?

The extra support that we receive from our Vegan Business Tribe Patrons allows us to undertake all the visible work you see (the website, the podcast, the community) but also the increasing amount of behind the scenes work that you don’t. As Vegan Business Tribe’s reach continues to grow, David & Lisa are regularly approached by the media, organisations and influential individuals – all looking for more information and support around the vegan sector. We’ve provided data to the BBC for news stories, we’ve had discussions around legislation in the plant-based business sector, we’ve helped TV companies find vegan products for shows and we’re always on hand to give a quote or do an interview.  And not only does all this allow us to positively influence the representation of veganism in the wider business scene, it leads to us finding some really good opportunities for our members too! 

As a VBT Patron, you get full access to our website and community but also get the opportunity to shape the future direction of Vegan Business Tribe.  Patrons also receive extra visibility within Vegan Business Tribe – from having your logo on our website to extra opportunities to make your business visible within our community and partner with us on promotions.  Being a VBT Patron is £99 a month, with no minimum term and includes a full hour 121 with Lisa and David when you join as a patron.  If you are already a VBT member, make sure you are logged-in to upgrade your current membership to a Patron.

Could you support our mission to grow and champion the vegan business scene:

If you are already a VBT member, make sure you are logged into the website before upgrading to a Patron to replace your normal £12.99 a month membership.


Meet our patrons

Keith Lesser

Vegan Accountants

Why use an accountant that doesn’t understand your ethics or mission as a business? The team at Vegan Accountants help ethical businesses with their accountancy and tax compliance.

Nick Mayhew

Peak Business Finance / GrowLeady

If you’ve got ambitions for your vegan business then we can help you fund them through Peak Business Finance. Or through GrowLeady we take the heavy lifting out of B2B prospecting.

Ezio Menga

ZEBRA Plant-based

Plant-based groceries, delivered to your door! As the world’s first plant-based marketplace, our mission is to create a healthier future for you and for the planet. Order online through our app or website.

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Become a patron instantly using the link above.  Includes an hour 121 with Lisa and David on Zoom when you sign-up.  If you are already a VBT member, make sure you are logged into the website before upgrading to a Patron to replace your normal £12.99 a month membership.

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