How to have a better website

with Kayleigh Nicolaou, Kakadu Creative

The first thing someone does when they find out about your business is go and check out your website.  And what they find there will dictate what happens next.  Research shows that someone makes up their mind about your company (and whether they want to work with you) within the first few seconds of loading up your website. So, in this masterclass with Kakadu Creative’s co-founder Kayleigh Nicolaou, we dive into how you can make your website better.

David also talks to Kayleigh about how Kakadu changed their own marketing message to lead with veganism, and what the result was of making that change.

In this session:

  • How Kayleigh’s own health concerns led her to turn vegan, and why she’s now ethically vegan for the animals.
  • Why Kakadu Creative decided to switch their message and ‘come out’ as an ethical, vegan company, after originally being worried about leading with a vegan message.
  • What their current non-vegan customers’ reactions were when Kakadu ‘went vegan’.
  • Why your website is the FIRST place that your customers go to check you out, no matter which of your marketing channels they first heard about you on.
  • How people make their minds up about you and your company within the first few seconds of visiting your website.
  • Why your site has a really limited window to get your message across, and you don’t want to lose half that window by your site taking precious seconds to load up.
  • Highstreet brands and global companies are heavily targeting the vegan market right now with big budgets for online marketing.  You can counter this by using your ethics to connect with your customers and by showing your audience that you are not just in it for the money.
  • Why it’s important to bring your own personality to your website – either the personality of your team or of yourself.
  • How to plan out a website – what questions will your visitors be asking, but also what do you want your visitor to do once they have got that information?
  • The importance of researching other people’s websites (including your competitors) before you start designing your own.
  • Why you should look to get honest feedback on your website from the people you trust to give it!
  • Why you need to give people multiple routes to contact you, not just the obvious ones like email, phone number and contact forms; people now expect to be able to contact you through social media too.
  • Hoe ‘lead magnets’ work to capture the details of people coming to your website so that you can enter into a conversation with them.
  • How to nurture a relationship with a potential customer, and how one socks company annoyed Kayleigh to the point she had to unsubscribe from their mailing list!
  • When is it right to build your own website and when is it the right time to engage with a professional web designer?
  • Why online web building platforms such as Wix and Shopify are a great way to test a concept quickly and cheaply.
  • Why you have to cater for the 50% of people who will be coming to your website on their mobile device.
  • Don’t forget – if you build a website yourself you’re then also responsible for fixing the site if things go wrong!
  • How a good professional web designer can build you a site that you can then keep up to date yourself.
  • What questions you need to ask a professional website designer before you engage with them.
  • The simple things you can do to improve a website that you’ve built yourself.
  • What the process will be like if you use a professional web designer, how do you create a brief for them and what research can you do yourself on the websites you like before engaging them.
  • Why it’s important to use suppliers that understand your veganism and your sector – from web designers to accountants and business advisors.
  • Why the internet creates as much emission and pollution as the global aviation industry – and what Kakadu are doing to combat that.
  • Why as a vegan business you SHOULD prove your ethics, not just pay lip service to them.

Website audit from Kakadu

As a Vegan Business Tribe member, you can claim a free video audit of your website from Kayleigh and her team at Kakadu, with ideas of how you can improve it!

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