Check out these great Veganuary offers from Vegan Business Tribe members!

Many of our Vegan Business Tribe members have been running offers throughout Veganuary. 

From tips for the new vegan in your life, through to improving your diet, vegan knitwear and tools for your business – here are four of our favourites!

Make going vegan easy with this guide that tells new vegans everything you wish you had known!

The Very CreatiVegan Darren Cavanagh has teamed up with Emma Garner to produce this amazing top tips guide of all the things you wish YOU had known before going vegan.  Buy the download to read on your phone or computer, including which are the best cookbooks for new vegans, which supplements should you take, which apps should you download and even what clothing brands to take a look at!

Grab a bargain in Vegan Handknit’s chunky January sale!

Once they’re gone, they’re gone!  Vegan Handknit are having a Veganuary clearance sale of their amazing, chunky, knitted-by hand vegan knitwear. Each creation is made by hand from luxurious plant-based Drops Paris yarn by founder and designer Samantha.  You can even buy one of their new ‘Knit your own’ packs for their signature rainbow hat!

Ditch the junk and get fit with Vojo’s FREE 30-day plant-based challenge.

We all know that going plant-based can do wonders for your fitness – if you get it right. And Vojo’s free 30-day challenge will make sure you get the right nutrition to make sure you’re energised, your muscles can repair themselves and you perform at your best.  The free challenge includes daily lessons from a registered plant-based nutritionist.

Grow your audience with Zebra Admin’s Veganuary social media challenge.

Veganuary is a great time to get active on social, and signing-up for Zebra Admin’s FREE social media challenge will give you 31 ideas, templates and links for you to customise and use to engage your audience… not just during Veganuary, but beyond!  Simply follow the link and enter your email address to start:

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One comment on “Check out these great Veganuary offers from Vegan Business Tribe members!​

  1. Thanks, Lisa and David for the shout out this Veganuary month. With over 500,000 who signed up to do Veganuary this year (120,000+) in the UK alone. The vegan movement is getting a shot in the arm it deserves to equal any vaccine news. There is nothing better for the health of one another, the planet and animals to go vegan. Now is the time. I hope our Vegan Survival Guide is helpful in an easy to digest, fun and stress-free format for newbie and old school vegans alike. Download today.

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