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Vegans in the Limelight

PR course with Katrina Fox

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By award-winning journalist and former Forbes contributor

12 modules of video training broken into bite-sized chunks

Downloadable templates and pitch examples for your own use

A new introduction by Katrina, recorded exclusively for VBT

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Vegans in the Limelight is the first and only online PR course specifically for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs.

What would it be like if your vegan brand was exposed to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people? And more than that, making it happen was free and fast?

Getting media coverage is the way to do it. 

With just one story or interview, you can be in front of huge numbers of people, many of whom will be ready to buy from you – whether you’re offering a product, book, course or service. Imagine how successful you can be when you’re in the limelight regularly. Best of all, when you do your own PR, it costs nothing! 

Being featured in the media is FREE PUBLICITY. 

The good news is that learning how to get into the media isn’t rocket science. It’s easy once you know how. You just have to get a little creative, which as a vegan entrepreneur, you already are! In this video course by award-winning former journalist Katrina Fox, you will learn:

  • The key steps you must take before you approach a journalist with your story
  • How to write an email pitch to quickly grab the media’s attention and stop them hitting the ‘delete’ button
  • How to make a story suitable and relevant for local, national, niche or mainstream media
  • How to come up with story angles for a range of media types – on a regular basis
  • How to find journalists’ details without spending money on expensive media databases
  • How one vegan entrepreneur secured media coverage in mainstream and industry-specific media shortly after launching her new skincare range and has continued to be featured regularly after that.
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to help you stand out, become known and create a community around your brand
  • And much more…

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About the presenter

An award-winning journalist, content marketer, copywriter and personal brand strategist, Katrina is the author of the bestseller Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business, the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners, and host of the Vegan Business Talk podcast.

Katrina joins Vegan Business Tribe as our resident guest expert, bringing decades of experience to help you promote and grow a successful vegan business.

Watch a sample video...

Watch a sample from section two of the course, where Katrina explains how to think like a journalist to improve your chances of getting media coverage.

Ready to learn how to get your business amazing PR coverage?

Vegan Business Tribe paid membership required to access.

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