Watch back our Vegan Sector Update 2022 with David Pannell

If only 3-5% of the population identifies as vegan, then why are so many companies investing in vegan products and services? Watch this 45 minute session with David Pannell as he explains the latest statistics and opportunities from the vegan marketplace.

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In our latest live masterclass session, Vegan Business Tribe founder David Pannell brought us the latest stats, developments and opportunities from the vegan sector. This was a free live event and Vegan Business Tribe members can now watch the playback in our masterclass collection in the members’ area.

The vegan sector is a fast-moving market and you need to keep up to date.

In this 45 minute session, you will be brought bang up to date on the latest in the vegan and plant-based sector:

  • The latest statistics on the vegan sector, how many vegans are there and what’s the size of the market?
  • New growth areas and opportunities, including the vegan care, children and pet food sectors.
  • How the pandemic has changed consumers’ views of veganism.
  • Why the biggest consumers of vegan products and services remain non-vegans.
  • How non-vegan brands (including meat and dairy) are responding to the rise in plant-based.
  • Why vegan restaurants are not wanting to run separate vegan and non-vegan options.
  • The rise in vegan leisure, entertainment and travel.
  • The growth in the vegan services sector.
  • New emerging game-changers like precision-fermented dairy and cellular meat and what this will mean for the vegan market.

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About the presenter

David Pannell is a vegan entrepreneur and the host of the weekly Vegan Business Tribe podcast. 

A long-term business champion, David is the founder of vegan agency Promote Vegan which has consulted with some of the world’s biggest brands to help educate them on the vegan marketplace and consumer.

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