A new vegan podcast guest Service

Are you looking for high-quality and inspiring guests for your vegan podcast, at no cost to yourself?!

Finding good guests for your podcast can be hard, but there are lots of company founders, authors, nutrition experts, athletes and more who are currently looking to get interviewed on vegan podcasts. They are often experts in their field and have their own online following. Many have inspiring stories or have done amazing things, they just haven’t found your podcast yet to reach out to you!

Our vegan podcast guest service will provide an active directory of inspiring people looking to be guests on vegan podcasts, with regular email updates of new and featured guests for you to interview. The service will be free to you as a vegan podcast and you will even be able to earn a referral fee if you introduce new guests to the directory.

Who are Vegan Business Tribe?


Vegan Business Tribe was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs and vegan industry experts Lisa and David Pannell. Since then we have helped hundreds of vegan businesses grow, with over 2.5k registered users and a vibrant community of hundreds of vegan business owners as paid members from all over the world.

David also presents the Vegan Business Podcast which supports you and inspires you to create a successful vegan business!

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What kind of guests are you looking for:

What kind of guests will I be able to find?

There are hundreds if not thousands of people who are looking to be guests on vegan podcasts right now. Some are hoping to improve the visibility of their company, some are looking for more exposure as an expert, some have an amazing story they are trying to get out there and others are just wanting to get more experience of being interviewed.

Our new directory will give you information about each potential guest, their area of expertise and if they are personally vegan themselves. You will be able to reach out to any guest you think would be a perfect fit for your podcast to arrange a chat – all at no cost to you as a podcast host or producer.

When will this service be launching?

We’re currently building the directory and gathering a list of vegan podcasts who want to be involved from launch. As a podcaster, you will also be able to earn a referral fee for every guest you introduce to the directory who is looking to get interviewed. We’d REALLY LOVE you to be part of this, just leave your details in the form above to be notified of when we launch.


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