Hosted by Chloe Bullock, Materialise Interiors

To celebrate the release of the RIBA’s new book on Sustainable Interior Design, written by Vegan Business Tribe member Chloe Bullock, we bring you a week of sessions and interviews celebrating the vegan interior design sector. Featuring Deborah Dimare, Aline Dürr, Jecks Stone, Liz Craig and Sadie Millermaggs.

Panel session:

Introduction to vegan interior design

Did you know there might be milk in your bed and animal fat in your toilet paper?! 

To start our week of vegan interior design sessions, David brings together 5 pillars of the design world to discuss what vegan interior design is and how you can be more conscious about the choices you make in your home and workplace.


Deborah DiMare

Deborah DiMare is a renowned interior design consultant, author, educator and pioneer of the ethical and wellness design movement.

In this interview, Chloe Bullock talks to Deborah about her journey as one of the founding mothers of vegan interior design.


Aline Dürr

Aline Dürr is an award-winning interior architect born in Berlin, Germany. After moving to Australia in 2011, Aline started her own boutique interior design studio while also working for different bespoke interior architecture companies, mainly in commercial interior design.

In this interview, Chloe Bullock talks to Aline about her journey and approach to compassionate interior design.

Panel session:

Vegan interior design industry chat

Chloe Bullock, author of the official RIBA guide to sustainable interior design, invites four other vegan interior designers to find out more about their journey and discuss the state of the industry.


How Chloe Bullock brought vegan interior design into the spotlight

Chloe Bullock was awarded PETA’s Compassionate Designer of the Year in their 2023 Vegan Homeware Awards. In this interview with Vegan Business Tribe founder David Pannell, Chloe explains how she has worked tirelessly to bring vegan interior design into the spotlight and her company’s recent B Corp certification.

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