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Episode 003 - How to find more customers for your vegan business.

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How do you REALLY find more customers for your vegan business? Let’s go right back to basics and find out.  In this episode we are looking at something which is the LIFEBLOOD of any vegan business, and that is finding customers. 

And it doesn’t matter if you sell a physical product, or if you offer a vegan service, or even if you are a charity looking for donations – you RELY on people giving you their money. And this is where many vegan businesses falter. Because, and I’ve said it before, vegans don’t seem to be comfortable making money! But we all need customers and, usually, we all need more of them.

So – we’re going to get right back to basics. You might be wondering about the best way to find customers, should you be using Instagram, should you be doing PR, or should you try some appointment-making telemarketing or Google Pay Per Click advertising – and the reality is, if this is where you are starting when trying to work out how to get more customers then you need to just STOP. Because do you know what is completely missing from your planning? UNDERSTANDING THE CUSTOMER.

If you don’t, then all you’re doing is guessing what will work, and you hit nothing by shooting in the dark.

Episode 002 - Should you call your company or product 'Vegan'?

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Should you call your company or product vegan, plant-based or something else?  In today’s episode we’re going to start with one of the main questions we get asked at Vegan Business Tribe, and it’s all about how you should refer to your business or product.

If you have a vegan business, should you actually CALL it a vegan business – or if you are selling a product that is vegan, will LABELLING it ‘vegan’ put people off from buying it? 

It’s an interesting question because, as you know, us vegans are never shy about letting people know about it! But why do Beyond Meat, Meatless Farm and even Oatly rarely use the term vegan? David looks at when you SHOULD use the term vegan for what you sell, and when you should use plant-based, or even something else entirely.

Episode 001 - Why have a vegan business?

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In this first episode, I’m going to start by answering a really fundamental question for anyone who has a vegan business (or is thinking about starting one) and that is – WHY?

Why are you doing this?  Why are we ALL doing this?  Why should you have a vegan business?  You might already have a great product, service, or idea for a vegan business, but maybe you’ve not got all the business skills or experience that you wish you had – and right now, that doesn’t matter.  Because what you DO have, that other business owners don’t, is a burning passion to make the world a better, fairer and cruelty-free place.  And no matter what else, that’s an AMAZING place to start.

In this episode, I take a look at the plant-based market as a whole and answer the question: who is really buying all these vegan products if vegans only make up one or two percent of the marketplace?  And I also ask: why do vegans have such a reluctance to make money from what they do – because let me tell you right now, you can do a lot more good in the world with a profit than with a loss!

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