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Jill Swyers

Living Foods for Health
The most important thing in life is good health! Following the principles of the Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida), my programme’s carefully combined diet and lifestyle can help you regain good health and create an improved sense of wellbeing.

Jim Moore

Bloody Vegans Productions Ltd
Podcast development, recording, editing and publishing services. Looking to learn? We offer face-to-face coaching and courses too.

Joe Mugan

Joe Mugan Coaching
Joe Mugan Coaching is a guided meditation company focussed on making transformational and lasting changes in the lives of individuals. Sessions are aimed at individuals or businesses, groups or one-to-one.

Johanna Koskinen

Johanna Koskinen Copywriting
Conversion Copywriter & Brand Voice Strategist for Vegan Businesses and Ethical Entrepreneurs — here to help you effectively communicate your message and inspire your audience to take action. Contact me to book a free 30-minute Discovery Call!

John Beske

Vegan Street Media
Marketing, design & communications for conscious businesses and organizations. Brand development. Logo, packaging & website design. Social media. Written communications. And more!

John Cooper

Cooper Clicks
Digital marketing agency for growing vegan 🌱 businesses. Highly skilled in Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Ads, social media ads, digital strategy and growth hacking.

Jonathan Coello


Juliette Bryant

Juliette's Kitchen
Juliette’s Kitchen is run by nutritional consultant Juliette Bryant. Juliette has studied nutrition for 17 years and is a mum of 3 boys. She is an author, public speaker and creator of a wide range of vegan superfood products.

Kandice Vincent

The Conscious Content Initiative
🌱 SEO content agency helping eco-friendly, ethical brands and thought leaders generate brand awareness, increase organic search traffic and provide value through high-quality content! 🌱

Karin Olsen

Plant Power Productions
Plant Power Productions is a boutique marketing, communications and business development firm that works with plant-based start-ups and small-to-medium businesses to position their brand for growth and success.

Karin Ridgers

MAD PR and VeggieVision TV
PR company working with gorgeous vegan brands & people who are making a difference – gaining them lots of lovely editorial coverage & much more!

Karin Wentworth-Ping

Full on Plants Coaching
Personal coaching support for transitions to vegan or plant based food and nutrition know-how. 100% personal attention, encouragement and motivation coupled with clear planning, vision and goals that fit your age, health, fitness level and aims.

Kate Denyer

Field and Forest Foods
Makers of vegan pastries, meat free burgers, meat’less’ balls and ready meals. We look beyond the traditional meat alternatives and use ingredients that are plant based, sustainable and tasty.

Kathryn Mihalek

No business name

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