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Jade Anderson

Jade A Copywriting
Writer of down to earth copy and content that people love to read. Passionate about sustainability, class equity, human rights and, of course, veganism!

Jai Street

Mindful Wealth
Financial Consultant. Helping you put your money where your heart is 💚Pensions | Investments | Ethical | Independent

Jan M.

Hi, I’m Jan! I’m building an interactive encyclopedia to teach the world how to go vegan! More info coming soon. 🙂 If you like Veggiepedia, please share a link to our articles/pages outside of social media (on a blog/forum) for Google bots to see 🙂

Jared Baca

World Guardians Deli

Jay Bharj

Root Minerals
Discover cruelty free vegan certified professional makeup to enhance your natural beauty 🐰 Organic 💚 Safe 💚 Inspired by love.

Jazzy and Jun Ogura

23 Unified Frenzy Records / Company 23 Creative / JJ Vegan Adventures
Independent record label. We are devoted to representing, supporting & guiding exceptional electronic pop artists to grow & achieve in the ever-evolving commercial music industry.

JC De Klerk

Air Safaris 269
Vegan flying adventures and safaris into Southern Africa 🌱 Former Airline Captain A320 🌱 10 years vegan 🐷🐮🐥 Cape Town based 🇿🇦

Jenny Harrington

The Inclusively Exclusive Treat Company
Gluten free, plant based, no refined sugar, cereal bars. Ideal for pack lunches, a boost at the gym or just snacking.

Jenny Potter

Rock Chocs
Artisan vegan chocolate,bath bombs, beauty, skincare, self care, sweets, snacks, gifts, handbags, health & nutrition (protein/supplements). 100% vegan.

Jessica Sarter

Jessica Sarter
Plant-based food consulting.

Jill Swyers

Living Foods for Health
The most important thing in life is good health! Following the principles of the Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida), my programme’s carefully combined diet and lifestyle can help you regain good health and create an improved sense of wellbeing.

Jim Moore

Bloody Vegans Productions Ltd
Podcast development, recording, editing and publishing services. Looking to learn? We offer face-to-face coaching and courses too.

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