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Fionuala Grant

Nuala Candles

Flip Grater

Grater Goods

Frances Graham

Chef Frances Star

Francesca Cook

Goya Studios
🦩 Growing Flamboyant Brands 🦩 Creative Media Solutions 🦄 Bespoke to your brand 📈 Scalable to your budget 🌴 Saving you valuable time

Gary Hardley

The Vegan Street Food Company Limited
Vegan Street Food in Worthing, West Sussex. 100% vegan, 100% gluten free as accredited by the Coeliac Society and now nut free too!

Gary Whitaker

Plant based Fitness
Training, health coaching, meal prep. Coach-G CPT Master Of Sports Nutrition. Health Coach. 12 yr vegan. I help athletes entrepreneurs & executives save time on lifestyle changes.

Gemma Hacking

Rebel V Ltd
Plant-based clothing 🌱 Unisex 🌱 Inclusive 🌱Child 🌱 Adult 🌱Cruelty-free 🌱 Sustainable 🌱🇬🇧 100% Organic cotton 🚚 Free UK delivery.

Georgia Macaulay

Soulshine Digital
Hey! We’re Soulshine Digital, The Marketing Agency for Vegan and Sustainable Brands. We specialise in social media marketing and are here to help compassionate businesses have the voice online that they need to grow. We’d love to hear from you!

Harriet MacIntosh

No business name

Hayley Akins

Motion Hatch
Helping motion designers do better business. Podcast. Community. Resources. Online courses. Jobs board. Blog.

Hayley Cooper

Wild Dreams Hospitality
Hospitality consulting agency 📍 Various locations in Southern Africa – 120 years of industry experience 🐘 Recruitment, HR, consulting & training 🐘 Vegan jobs & consulting.

Hazel Clarke

HC Dietetics
Cheshire and Manchester based Dietitian specialising in Vegan, sustainable diets. I have a passion for sustainable vegan diets. I relish guiding people when they adopt a plant-based or vegan diet or supporting them on their plant-based journey.

Heather Landex

Inclusive Food Service Ltd
Innovative coach – consult helping hospitality businesses & professionals & consultants profit from food inclusivity 💹 Serve more, risk less, earn more💲 Expert in food safety, allergies & vegans 🍽

Heather Zeitzwolfe

Zeitzwolfe Accounting and Get the Balance Right Podcast
Profit Advising, Tax and Bookkeeping Services for Vegan Entrepreneurs. Host of the podcast Get the Balance Right.

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