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Heather Zeitzwolfe

Savvy Frugal Vegan

Jade Anderson

Jade A Copywriting
Writer of down to earth copy and content for vegan or sustainable businesses and charities or social justice groups. Eagle eye proofreader. Passionate about sustainability, class equity, human rights and, of course, veganism!

Jai Street

Mindful Wealth
Financial Consultant. Helping you put your money where your heart is 💚Pensions | Investments | Ethical | Independent

Jay Barrett

Culture Canopy
Compassionate, holistic & bespoke Human Resources for mission driven, purposeful, vegan, sustainable & non-profit organizations who are leading positive change in the world. Creating positive outcomes for people, animals & the planet.

Jay Bharj

Root Minerals
Discover a world of cruelty free and vegan certified professional makeup to enhance your natural beauty! Suitable for ALL skin types, backgrounds and styles. Organic, Natural and Non-Toxic. Perfect for sensitive skin too!

JC De Klerk

Air Safaris 269
Vegan flying adventures and safaris into Southern Africa 🌱 Former Airline Captain A320 🌱 10 years vegan 🐷🐮🐥 Cape Town based 🇿🇦

Jennifer Shlomovich

The Confident Vegan
I am a vegan Confidence Coach and YouTuber. I specialize in helping vegans and aspiring vegans eliminate people-pleasing and navigate the challenges of having a lifestyle different from the people around them.

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