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Donna Zeigfinger

Green Earth Travel LLC
The original Vegan Travel Agent since 1997. Destinations that make a difference. Vegan since 1983.

Edward Hopkins

Dark Green PR
Green communications for a sustainable future 🌱 We want to share your story, deliver genuine impact and help you achieve your growth goals. Public relations. Brand strategy. Digital marketing.

Elaine Hutchison

Unicorn Ghostwriting
Working with vegan, pro-animal, and better-for-you companies, personalities and causes, we use your voice to tell your story in books, blog posts, and articles. Every vegan story carries the wisdom to inform and inspire–so let’s tell yours.

Elaine West

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary & The Pink Pigs Boutique
Rooterville is home to over 100 rescued farm animals. Our mission: encouraging compassion, inspiring change. We invite the public to visit & interact with our animal ambassadors. We offer glamping and a gift shop too! Proceeds help feed animals!

Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck

Dr Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck - Enlivening Consciousness
EmbodyVision Vegan Holistic Optometrist and Spiritual Nutrition Counselor. Wellness, spirituality, vision & veganism from the heart.

Ella Clarke

Left Coast Culture
Our cheeses are all inclusive – whether you’re dairy-free, flexitarian, vegan, plant-based or just a foodie with a curious spirit & likes trying new things.

Emma Sousa

Emma Sousa - Nutritional Coach & Fitness Advisor
I offer expertise in all areas of nutrition including vegan, vegetarian and plant-based nutrition. I am a fully qualified personal trainer, passionate about working with peri-menopausal and menopausal women who are feeling overwhelmed.

Estelle Kinzett

Chew Valley VA
Your Virtual Assistant. Admin, HR, financial and more. Why spend your time working in your business when you could be working on it?

Esther Pearson

Buckfast Organic Bakery t/a Clives Purely Plants
Clives Purely Plants, makers of the finest vegan organic pies, tarts, quiches and nut roasts, all chilled or frozen and delivered to you in plastic free packaging. Find us in the smallest healthstore to Waitrose, Asda and Ocado. Vegan owned.

Fionuala Grant

Nuala Candles
Natural aromatherapy candles for wellbeing. Rapeseed and coconut wax blend, infused with essential oils only. Nothing synthetic. Vegan, of course!

Flip Grater

Grater Goods
Grater Goods’ bring you all the pleasures of fine foods in gourmet plant based deli items. To show you the breadth of plant proteins, to make delicious vegan meats, cheeses and pates. We create Premium, artisan products that are 100% plant based

Frances Graham

Chef Frances Star
My name is Frances and I am a Private Vegan Chef that offers services for retreats, wellness events, holistic nutrition, cooking classes, recipe development and speaking engagements. I have recently published a cookbook, Surprise! It’s Vegan.

Francesca Cook

Goya Studios
🦩 Growing Flamboyant Brands 🦩 Creative Media Solutions 🦄 Bespoke to your brand 📈 Scalable to your budget 🌴 Saving you valuable time

Gail Adams

Pack Holidays
The most fabulously multi dog welcoming (and of course vegan welcoming) holiday lets in the UK. Run by a rather dog crazy vegan lady (me!) and always encouraging like minded vegan dog owners to come on holiday with their dogs. Dogs are welcome free

Georgia Macaulay

Soulshine Digital
Hey! We’re Soulshine Digital, The Marketing Agency for Vegan and Sustainable Brands. We specialise in social media marketing and are here to help compassionate businesses have the voice online that they need to grow. We’d love to hear from you!

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