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Dan Graham

Vegan Organic Network (VON)
We are an educational charity and support farmers and gardeners to grow organic food without the use of slaughter house by products, such as fish, blood, bone or manure which many organic farms use. VON green, clean and cruelty free!

Dan Sherrard-Smith

MotherTree Limited
MotherTree makes it effortless for you to go green in all parts of your life (without having to live off-grid!) That’s why we built the world’s first carbon calculator for your money. So you know that your money works for you and the planet.

Dana Burton

Vegan Kids
Connecting vegan kids through events to make friends, share experiences and have fun! Connect with like minded families.

Danielle Maupertuis

Free from desserts
Vegan, plant-based Pastry. Author of “Vegans deserve better than a fruit salad”, Olympia Publishers Online vegan pastry courses, from Beginner to Master. Professional courses, workshops and demos.

Danni Jefferson

Jefferson Crafts
We are a family run business based in Hertfordshire that take fabric that would have otherwise gone to landfill and turn it into reusables for the home.

Darren Cavanagh

The Very Creativegan Video & Digital Marketing and Consulting
I help vegan & eco-aware creators and business owners produce the most-engaging video and digital marketing content to connect to their customers, grow sales and make a positive difference in the world.

David Hewitt

East Saxon Training
We provide training courses for business including first-aid, fire, health and safety, management skills and much more. While teaching first aid we can also explain the link between diet and health – eat a plant based diet!

David Jack

Pride in Food Partnership
We offer a product range in excess of 1,000 plant-based items. We use an international network of consultants to solve problems and create business for a wide range of food and food-related companies.

David Moore

Green & Moore Accountancy Ltd
Ethical accountant and business advisor. Environmentally friendly & vegan. Money management. Bookkeeping. Tax returns. VAT. Advice. Training.

David Pannell

Vegan Business Tribe
Vegan Business Tribe is a community of over 2,000 vegan business owners across the globe who are on a mission to create a fairer, cruelty-free world for both animals and people.

Delia Bonfilio

Bonfilio Design
Designing with purpose. Bonfilio Design specializes in developing creative, concept-driven communication design solutions for your company’s marketing assets, corporate and brand identities, packaging, websites and digital content.

Dianne Dias

Clothing for dogs. Ecological & sustainable. Hemp fabric.

Dimitar Yordanov

Ancestral Superfoods UK Ltd
Ancestral Superfoods are sprouted and fermented foods rich in easily digestible nutrients that are boosting the human immune system and metabolism.

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