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Catherine Besch

Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue-US
We are Vietnam’s only anti-speciesist animal rescue working for animal rights through vegan advocacy, veterinary capacity building and community outreach for animals in need. Non-profit.

Charlotte Mclean

No business name

Charmaine Fyffe

Khepera CIC

Cheelo Chooma

Veganic Food
Executive plant based nutritionist and dietitian. Veganic Africa are Zambia’s best vegan food producers.

Cheryl Moss

Better Life For Animals
Vegan children’s book author. The mission of Better Life for Animals is to educate and enlighten children in a non-invasive manner, regarding the inhumane treatment of animals 🐮🧡

Christina French

ESSENCH Cosmetics Ltd
Create sustainable beauty products. Bespoke formulation. White label / private label. Professional design & print. Compliance consultancy.

Claudia Kaldenbach

Eat for Change Evolution
Customized nutrition & coaching & app for plant based weight loss and menopause. Free recipes, training and tracking.

Coral Sirett

Zest Health
I’m a plant-based weight loss and nutrition coach and consultant, workplace wellbeing expert, speaker and the founder of Zest Health.

Daisy Botha

Vegan Fairs
Vibrant and inclusive events promoting veganism 💚 Organised by vegans for everyone. We have a fantastic portfolio of vegan events that take place across the South-West of England and beyond.

Damian Sciberras

Short Stop Video
🎥 Ethical Filmmaker & Videographer 📺 Helping businesses with creative video 🎬 Editor for Joey Carbstrong 📍 South Devon, UK.

Damien Digonnet

I’m a freelance translator with more than 15 years’ experience in the translation and localisation industry. I translate from English, Spanish and Catalan into French, which is my first language.

Dan Sherrard-Smith

MotherTree Limited
MotherTree makes it effortless for you to go green in all parts of your life (without having to live off-grid!) That’s why we built the world’s first carbon calculator for your money. So you know that your money works for you and the planet.

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