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Anne Elizabeth O’Brien

No business name

Annette & Graham Henry

Henry & Henry
We are Annette and Graham, certified raw vegan nutrition educators and breathing instructors. We run classes, courses, coaching and training programs and our aim is to guide you to eat and breathe for optimum health and best personal performance.

Ariana Kaya


Ashleigh Walters

Rooted Plant-Based Food
Real food with real ingredients, simply packed with the power of plants. Our range of burgers makes it easy and convenient to thrive on a plant-based lifestyle. Buy online or from listed stockists.

Becky Jackson

Funky Sprout
Crafting since 2010 ★ Quirky, Bohemian Inspired Jewellery & Accessories ★ Ethically Minded & Eco Conscious ★

Ben McCabe

Studio BS3
Studio BS3 offers creative and marketing for those trying to make the world a better place: turbocharging brands and building compelling, actionable marketing strategies so that ethical businesses can make change happen.

Bethany Hinds

Ivy Dene Rabbit Rescue

Beverley Sankey

Arbonne Independant Consultant and Wellness Coach
Healthy Living Wellness Expert. Nutrition. Vegan. Healthy Future 💚 Elite Members Club. I’ll help you be happy. Mind, body, skin, community.

Bilyana Dawson

Vida Haus
Yoga, bhakti, connection, community, vegan lifestyle and food, concern and care for nature and all its living inhabitants

Bob Ratnarajah

Purpose with Profit Pty Ltd
Thought leadership. Advisory. Consulting. Grow your revenue & impact with less effort. Enabling the growth of plant-based foods for humanity, animals and the planet.

Brenda Waldekker

Brenda Works
As a virtual assistant I help lighten the mental load by managing your professional needs. I have more than 20 years of experience in web design and development, communications and customer relations. I love to create, engage and make others shine.

Brett Robertson

Infinite Blue Dive Travel
You can dive AND eat with the ocean in mind! We offer unique diving experiences handpicked for Vegan divers or those on an adapted diet.

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