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Veronika Kvitko

Made-on-demand modular artworks for interior designers. Customizable in 40 colors, from 10x10cm to full wall.

Vicky Newham

Venture tax
UK-based R&D tax credit specialists who work exclusively in helping you achieve your business goals by taking advantage of the research and development relief that is on offer.

Victoria Carpenter

Happy Carrot Skincare
🥕Simple plant-based skincare for combination and troubled skin. Ready to make your skin glow with health and happiness? Made from upcycled sustainable ingredients. Skincare workshops, learn to make your own.

Volodymyr Khupovoi

CMYK Ingredients
We develop industrial food ingredients based on simple natural bio-tech: fermentation and sprouting. We are a unique EU based food-tech developer for SMEs.

Yolanda Soryl

Christchurch Vegan Society
Serving you everything vegan! Canterbury’s dedicated hub for kiwi vegans and vegetarians. We help people go vegan and stay vegan.

Zoe Edwards

Vegan Nutritionist & Healthy Little Vegans
We are passionate about educating and inspiring families to raise “Healthy Little Vegans”. We need to lead by example, so I have created a course to Veducate parents on how to live a healthy life on a plant based diet.

Zsófia Fulop

Vegan Business Circle
I am co-founder of Vegan Business Circle in Hungary where I handle finance and legal administration, also I am Secretary of the National Association of Producers and Distributors of Plant-based Foods. I co-organize Plant-Powered Perspectives Hungary.

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