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Shelly Manser-Cavanagh

Shelly Manser-Cavanagh

Shiv Sivakumar


Simone Marcolin

No business name

Siya Twani

Siya Twani

Sophie Downie

Vegan Friendly Bordeaux

Soraya David-Pineda

Plant Nutrition with Soraya
I am a registered Dietitian who’s passionate about helping others reach their nutrition and health goals. I support clients with sustainable weight loss, mindful and emotional eating, & gut health issues.

Steff Wright

Gusto Group
We are a group of companies dedicated to growth, the creation of sustainable jobs for local people, and supporting local communities. Residential development. Manufacturing.

Stephanie Dominguez

Plant powered media
Helping purpose-driven brands grow and make a big impact through their imagery | Commercial Product and Brand Photo & Videographer | Brand Visual Design

Stephanie Harter

Coaching Like You Give a Damn
🌱Vegan & Plant-Based Coaches: 💯Sign clients fast 🤑Build a successful business ✊Lead the change 👇FREE RESOURCES

Steve & Mel Ferrett

Vegan Muscle
Vegan gym wear with a positive vegan message so you can show the world you can not only survive as a vegan but you can thrive! Great way to normalise being vegan in this setting! Train hard represent harder!

Steve Hutchins

🐶 Dog food freshly cooked by chefs! 🌱 100% plant-based ⭐ Nutritionally complete & balanced 🌎 Sustainable 💖 Vegan & cruelty-free.

Steve Swindon

We are the UK’s leading producer of seitan, a wheat based vegan meat which has been around for the last 1,500 years. Seitan is high in protein, low in fat and free from GMOs, soy and palm oil.

Steven Rouk

Connect For Animals
Connect For Animals is a platform for people who want to help end factory farming. Find events, impact opportunities, and like-minded people—and learn how to be more effective at advocating for animals.

Susan Hargreaves

Be an Animal Hero a project of

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