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Sam Tucker

Creative Compass
🐮 We help vegan businesses save more animals 🌱 Digital marketing for ethical brands 👇 Get your free vegan marketing guide now!

Sandra Nomoto

Business Name
Sandra Nomoto is an award-winning ethical marketer for cruelty-free businesses and book whisperer for authors. She authored two books, including the world’s first vegan marketing book, Vegan Marketing Success Stories, in 2022.

Sara Truckel

Truckel Creative
Branding solutions that cover strategy, structure and stand out visuals to make your voice heard for those that put animals, people and planet before profit

Sarah Mordelt

The Bloom Concept

Sarah Zeneli

Sparkle Vegan Events
Sparkle Vegan Events are event planners in South-East UK organising festivals, markets, fiestas, special events and more. Everyone is welcome at our events and we love showcasing small businesses!

Scott Robinson

Brace for Impact
Art Director / Print & Web Designer / Photographer / Video Maker Vegan Founded, Carbon Offset, Reforester, Blood Donor 🌱🌍🏃‍♂️💚💉

Shabari Das

World Vegan Market
World Vegan Market is where you will find all things vegan under one virtual roof. Helping your vegan brand reach our captivated audience with our virtual stalls in our online markets.

Shelly Manser-Cavanagh

Shelly Manser-Cavanagh

Shiv Sivakumar


Shivaani Suppiah

3 Core Project

Si Spence

Westbridge Foods Limited

Soraya David-Pineda

Plant Nutrition with Soraya
I am a registered Dietitian who’s passionate about helping others reach their nutrition and health goals. I support clients with sustainable weight loss, mindful and emotional eating, & gut health issues.

Steff Wright

Gusto Group
We are a group of companies dedicated to growth, the creation of sustainable jobs for local people, and supporting local communities. Residential development. Manufacturing.

Stephanie Dominguez

Plant powered media
Helping purpose-driven brands grow and make a big impact through their imagery | Commercial Product and Brand Photo & Videographer | Brand Visual Design

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