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Nancy Poznak

BotaniCuisine, LLC
Specialty plant-sourced / vegan chef. Also host events and online promotions. Let’s get more plant-sourced, vegan-friendly foods onto menus! Hoping to open a food stall in a food court very soon. In Baltimore, MD USA

Natasha & Ed Tatton

Organic sourdough bakery | Baked goods | Espresso coffee shop 100% vegan | Plant-based | B Corp-certified Whistler Creekside bakery. @eds_bred

Ngwafu Tansie

Tasty vegan West African food in Manchester, UK. Food market pop ups – soulful and delish. Sweet puff puff delivery UK wide.

Nia Seney

Global Vegan Magazine
A globally connected vegan magazine highlighting the joy & beauty of the vegan lifestyle 🌎🌱💚 Subscribe 📬 Advertise 🛍 Contribute 🧑🏻‍💻

Niall Hall

Niall Hall Coaching
Mental well-being 🙏 Helping conscious professionals 💥 Find freedom from emotional pain 💥 Lead an exciting and fulfilling life. 👇Join the Emotional Freedom Program

Nigel Palmer

Wildlife Matters
Nonprofit organization. A natural understanding. Wildlife Matters is working to create a community of wildlife and nature lovers. We will campaign and lobby the British Government.

Nina Fogden

Nina Creates Online
Vegan Online Business Manager. I help vegan, ethical & mindset businesses manage projects, teams & systems to impact more lives 🌱Vegan 👩🏾‍💻 Remote work 🌎 Digi nomad.

Norman Shing

Globean Foods

Owen Oliver

Animal Think Tank
We’re building a powerful and broad-based social movement for animal freedom in the UK. Launched Animal Rebellion.

Patricia Estrada

No business name

Pauliina Salmenhaara

Home of Wellness
With well-being for the whole being, I’m here to encourage you to prioritise your self-care💗 You are your own healer 🧡 Well-being for body, mind and spirit 💜 Practical & magical.

Pelagia Komni

Greek Appetite
💬 How well do you know Greek plant-based recipes? 😉 We help you enjoy the vegan lifestyle with a 🇬🇷 twist! Recipes. Cookbooks. Online classes. Coaching.

Pete Metcalfe

UK’s biggest vegan events, including VegfestUK London and Plant Powered Expo. Online publishers of Forca Vegan & Plant Powered Planet Magazine.

Peter Barclay

Whole Food Living

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