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Shanil Wijesinghe

Playthical makes playful interactive digital media for vegan organisations to enhance their audience engagement. Our “gamified” products can help raise donor funds, increase brand loyalty and expand customer reach.

Shiv Sivakumar


Si Spence

Westbridge Foods Limited

Soraya David-Pineda

Plant Nutrition with Soraya
I am a registered Dietitian who’s passionate about helping others reach their nutrition and health goals. I support clients with sustainable weight loss, mindful and emotional eating, & gut health issues.

Star Khechara

Skin Nutrition Institute
They call me The Agehacker because my specialism is skin nutrition and anti-ageing using plant foods. My mission is to stealthily convert people to eating plants using appeal to vanity. I’m also a huge advocate of the health benefits of fruit

Steff Wright

Gusto Group
We are a group of companies dedicated to growth, the creation of sustainable jobs for local people, and supporting local communities. Residential development. Manufacturing.

Stephanie Harter

Coaching Like You Give a Damn
🌱Vegan & Plant-Based Coaches: 💯Sign clients fast 🤑Build a successful business ✊Lead the change 👇FREE RESOURCES

Stephen Rayner

SWR Homoeopathy
Hello everyone, I am a Homeopath living in the UK. I’m in the process of restarting my practice in the City of Bristol. I qualified in 2003 and can see patients in person or online. Been Vegan for 3 years and was vegetarian for 17 years before.

Steve & Mel Ferrett

Vegan Muscle
Vegan gym wear with a positive vegan message so you can show the world you can not only survive as a vegan but you can thrive! Great way to normalise being vegan in this setting! Train hard represent harder!

Steve Swindon

Lightbulb Business Solutions

Steven Rouk

Connect For Animals
Connect For Animals is a platform for people who want to help end factory farming. Find events, impact opportunities, and like-minded people—and learn how to be more effective at advocating for animals.

Susan Hargreaves

Be an Animal Hero a project of
Be an Animal Hero a project of AnimalHeroKids. Org is an all volunteer non-profit empowering all to be heroes to ALL species of animals via innovative, empathy fostering programs including original books, films, actions and presentations in schools.

Susan Joyce

Little Green Pigeon
We are a Community Interest Company funding our Pigeon sanctuary in the Hills of West Wales. We look after around 2000 birds each year from all over the UK . We are funded by our shop in Aberaeron, website sales, business sponsorships and donations.

Sylvia Milton

sylvia milton trading as mastery and change

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