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Matthew Davenport

No business name

Maya Cohen-Ronen

M. C Ronen - Author
Multi-award-winning, New Zealand author of THE LIBERATION TRILOGY, fast-paced dystopian thrillers with a clear vegan message, for vegans and pre-vegans. Recently named “one of the most globally acclaimed and loved vegan authors in the movement”.

Meghan Kelly

Learn Veganic Gardening Course
Join our online course to kickstart your veganic gardening journey, no matter where you are in the world! Learn to grow your own fruits and veggies the vegan way, without any animal fertilizers.

Michael Newnham

Quantum R&D Tax Ltd
Reinvest in your business by claiming back R&D tax. 55% of eligible SMEs are still not claiming R&D tax credits that they are entitled to.

Michael Wood

Smartskincare Products
At Smart Skincare Products we believe in sustainable vegan skincare at an affordable price. From the very beginning, the heart of the brand has been focused on quality without compromise for both the consumer, animals and the environment.

Michaela Lincoln Meltzer

Helping women navigate menopause with purpose and good health. Certified B Corp and Certified Vegan Business Owner.

Michel Schreier

Fitness Content Creator
Doing fitness is part of my DNA. Working out, getting stronger through physical exercises + creating moving social media content is my thing. Eating vegan is my way of living + respecting planet earth and its living creatures. Let’s teamworkout here.

Michelle Claridge

The Beauty Barn
Vegan and cruelty free treatment and training room in Littleborough. 🌿🐰❤ 1:1 holistic therapy training.👩‍🏫 Compassion, wellbeing, self care ❤ 🙏

Michelle Garrett-Chambers

Green Kind World
I help people transition to a plant-based diet using my Food Heart Method.

Michelle Jordan

Bellaphiya Bakes
Bellaphiya Bakes is a wedding cake designer specialising in 100% natural, refined sugar free, plant-based baked cakes, raw cakes and chocolates.

Michelle St John

Veganism in Education (VinE)
We aim to provide young people with knowledge & skills to think critically about health, social justice, the environment & how animals are viewed.

Mike Broomfield

Gardener, Vegan food produce. Domestic Energy Assessor & Entrepreneur.

Miriam Hollings

Dadiva South Africa Pty Ltd

Mitali Deypurkaystha

The Vegan Publisher
I’m Mitali – a 100% vegan publisher, and my programs transform vegan, ethical, sustainable and responsible business owners or entrepreneurs into bestselling authors.

Monique Thissen

Healthful superfoods
Superfood made easy! Natural & organic superfood powder blends 🌱 Organic and vegan ingredients 💚 Pure high quality ingredients.

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