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Adam Kelly

Green Beets Kitchen
Green Beets Kitchen offers online cooking tutorials to save you money, optimise your nutrition and expand your culinary horizon. From ‘Beef’ Wellingtons to ‘Egg’ Mayo, or a winter-beating ‘Chicken’ Curry, save money and learn to make your own!!

Aiesha Dhas

Seventh Wand LLC
Handcrafted wellness and motivational products to empower your spirit and enchant your life.
 We’re a vegan, woman-owned and minority-owned company.

Alice Shopland

Angel Food
Delicious dairy-free & vegan cheese alternatives, suitable for everyone! Made in Aotearoa, NZ & available nation wide☀️🌱🧀💚

Alyssa Almond

Rooted Rise
Helping Ethical Vegans alleviate their suffering and create sustainable impact, connection, clarity, freedom, and joy (CPCC, ACC)

Amanda Chiu

Freelance Creative Director and Designer
I’m a creative director and graphic designer with over 15 years of international experience (+25 years of vegan experience!). I’d be happy to help with any of your design needs, big or small – think of me as your out-sourced, in-house design team.

Amanda Nathaniel

Thrive For Life

Andrew Alexander

Creating A Vegan World Documentary
Our documentary outlines how to create a world with 8 billion vegans.

Andrew Threlfall

Andrew Threlfall
Tech entrepreneur, investor, mentor. A passion for startups.

Angel Walkine

Angel The Happy Vegan
Angel The Happy Vegan promotes a sustainable vegan diet and lifestyle powered by plants, from head to toe, that is holistically nurturing. We focus on high energy, high frequency and high vibration lifestyle modalities.

Angela Crawford

The Vegan Transformation
Group and individual coaching to thrive emotionally as a vegan, express your authentic voice, and discover your unique message and purpose. Expert, teacher, and writer about the psychological benefits of a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle.

Angelica Williams

Green Luxury Living
Vegan Luxury Hospitality Consultant helping transform the world of luxury hospitality through curated experiences for vegan, flexitarian & allergy conscious guests

Anja, Matej Glivar

Humankindness Film
Hi! We’re Anja & Matej Glivar, a joyful couple who fights for animal rights. We are curently making a documentary for animal rights, of which you can find out more here: Join the competition for an IPAD! 🙂

Anna Gorman


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