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Alfie Jones

Cahoot Marketing
A marketing agency that works exclusively with the care industry offering websites, video, SEO, copywriting, and social media

Alice Shopland

Angel Food
Delicious dairy-free & vegan cheese alternatives, suitable for everyone! Made in Aotearoa, NZ & available nation wide☀️🌱🧀💚

Alyssa Almond

No business name
Helping Ethical Vegans alleviate their suffering and create sustainable impact, connection, clarity, freedom, and joy (CPCC, ACC)

Amanda Nathaniel

Thrive For Life
🌱 Nourish your body with Wholefoods! ➡️ Cooking Classes Now Available!! 🥘🍴🌱🌱 Join the Thrive Specialised Nutrition Program!

Amy York

Amy York Official
Handmade-to-order, vegan & cruelty-free accessories 🐰✨Made with love in UK by fashion designer Amy York

Andrew Threlfall

No business name
Tech entrepreneur, investor, mentor. A passion for startups.

Angylina Kiyomorét G. Zayn

The Zayn Act
Vegan influencer talent management agency. Diverse artists. Influencers. Talent. Australia, USA, EU, and Asia.

Anna Karin Gunnarsson Dinker

Teacher (MA) with a PhD in Geography. Journalist (BA) with a focus on sustainability and animal ethics.

Anna Wojtkowska

🎓Plant Based Nutritionist 👩‍🍳Cooking classes 🔪 Healthy ideas for working full time 👩‍🏫 Nutritional workshops 🏋️‍♂️ Weight loss 🥦 Help to change diet

Annette & Graham Henry

Henry & Henry GbR
We are Graham & Annette. Our aim is to inspire others to share our passion for whole plant foods, to reap the health benefits & rebalance the planet!

Anthea Jackson

Vegan Hospitality Consulting

Becky Jackson

Funky Sprout
Crafting since 2010 ★ Quirky, Bohemian Inspired Jewellery & Accessories ★ Ethically Minded & Eco Conscious ★

Ben Harrison

No business name

Ben Summers

Delicious oven-ready plant-based meals! Based in Manchester and delivering across Greater Manchester. Gluten free option for all dishes.

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