Two days of speakers to help you grow a successful vegan business!

Our full schedule runs over both Saturday and Sunday with over 20 speakers!

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 3pm  Saturday 12th November

Vegan Business Tribe Stage

Green finance: putting your money where your heart is, hosted by Vegan Accountants

The green economy is booming, but it can still be hard to make sure that your money isn’t going towards funding projects that don’t align with your ethics. 

In this panel session hosted by Vegan Accountants, four financial experts will look at ways to make sure that your savings, investments and even business finance is as green and ethical as possible.

Speakers for this session:

Hosted by:
Keith Lesser
Owner, Vegan Accountants

Claire Smith
Founder, Beyond Investing

Jai Street
Founder, Mindful Wealth

Dan Sherrard-Smith​
Founder, MotherTree

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This event has now passed. See details for Tribe Live 2023 here!

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