Two days of speakers to help you grow a successful vegan business!

Our full schedule runs over both Saturday and Sunday with over 20 speakers!

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 12 noon  Saturday 12th November

Vegan Business Tribe Stage

Finding investment & scaling up your vegan business

We bring together three vegan entrepreneurs who have successfully found investment and scaled-up their vegan businesses to find out how they did it.

From how to get your company ‘investment ready’ to how they got deals with the major retailers and distributors, if you are looking to scale up your business or find investment and funding for a vegan business, then make sure you don’t miss this session.

Speakers for this session:

Esther Pearson
Managing Director, Clive’s Purely Plants

Mike Hill
Co-founder, One Planet Pizza

Steve Swindon
Founder, Love Seitan

Hosted by:
David Pannell
 Vegan Business Tribe

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MAD Promotions is our Tribe Live media partner

This event has now passed. See details for Tribe Live 2023 here!

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