Section 1: Understanding your customer and the market
Section 2: Your vegan marketing toolbox
Section 3: Creating and carrying out your marketing plan

Why influencers influence

You may have noticed that young people don’t watch television anymore.  Why spend hours channel hopping for something of interest when you can go find exactly what you want to watch online?  And although streaming services like Netflix are now producing more specialist-interest programmes knowing that they will find an audience (eg The Game Changers), if you head over to YouTube you can find something that could have been made just for you.  Some YouTubers have made millions by launching a channel that is just themselves playing a video game.  Not a video games channel where they play lots of different games, but just one single game.  Over and over again.  And the people who watch are the people who absolutely LOVE that game and come back every day to see the latest uploads.  The new way of consuming media allows people to connect with specialist niche audiences making content just for them, and many have found their specialist audience within veganism.

These people gain huge influence over the people who are watching.  If the video game YouTuber with 10 million subscribers says that they use a special controller to play the game, or have a specific gaming chair, or drink a certain energy drink to keep them sharp and going for hours, then their most loyal fans will go out and buy the same item.  This is why they are called influencers: they can influence the opinions and buying decisions of those who follow them.

An influencer builds up dedicated and specialist audiences.  Because they are ultra-targeted in what they talk about, this builds an engaged audience of people who might be semi-obsessive about the topic.  If you’re looking to promote a product or business then you can see why this is attractive.  For example, if you are selling gluten-free vegan snack bars and you find a gluten-free vegan influencer, then you know that everyone who is following them will have a potential interest in your product.  The influencer has already done all the targeting for you.  By putting out lots of videos about living gluten-free vegan, cooking demonstrations and highlighting products week after week on their YouTube channel and Instagram account, they have gathered together a collection of your ideal potential customers.  Get them to mention your product and you will pick up new customers.  If they review and endorse your product you will pick up even more.  If they tell their followers that this is the product they use themselves, day in day out, and it’s made them into the person they are today – then all their followers just became your customers.

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