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We’re coming up to Vegan Business Tribe’s fourth birthday. Over these years I’ve strived to listen and engage with our community about what you need. I regularly reach out to members to find out what problems they are facing in their business and if there’s any way I can help.

So this is what I want to know from you this weekend. I want to know what I can help you with. What obstacles are you facing in your business right now that I can help you get past? Email me on or send me a message through Slack.

Because this is my activism, my way to help the vegan cause forwards by championing and supporting the vegan business scene. I don’t succeed if YOU don’t succeed, which is why (after many requests) we’ve now introduced our new ‘mentorship’ tier to Vegan Business Tribe membership, offering ongoing direct support through WhatsApp and Zoom for £299 a month. Because sometimes, all you need is someone to point you in the right direction and then hold you accountable. The most successful businesses I know didn’t have an original idea or killer product, they were just really diligent at completing the tasks that they identified would move their business forward and sticking to doing what they said they would.

So let me know. Let me know what your biggest challenge is right now. And if you do want more ongoing support, then the first four VBT members to upgrade to the new mentoring tier will get a double-length one-hour first monthly call so that we can map out the next steps for your business together.

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