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Join hundreds of vegan business owners from around the world and get the support you need to grow or kickstart your successful vegan business. Get access to everything a member gets for free for a month, from our online networking events and small-group business clinics, though to full access to all our online courses, content, masterclasses and direct support.

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Free 20 minute Zoom call with David

Do you want to talk to a business expert about your business? Do you want feedback on your idea or business concept from someone who's spent the last 6 years working in the vegan and plant-based sector?

Sign up and get an exclusive 121 welcome call with David on Zoom to talk about your business or idea - or pick his brains on marketing, scaling-up, starting a business, or what to do next with your busnerss!
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Access to our community of vegan business owners from around the world

Surround yourself with other people who are on the same ethical business journey as you are - and maybe even make some new friends along the way!

Ask for help in our Slack group from both our members and our vegan business experts, or promote your business in our online networking events.

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Learn crucial business skills, from cracking social media to finding funding, including:
  • Access hundreds of hours of masterclasses, interviews and guides delivered by experts who are vegan themselves.
  • 3 online courses on marketing, PR and getting customers.
  • Recordings of all our live sessions from Vegan Business Tribe Live 2023 and 2022 at the London Olympia.
  • Over 100 episodes of the Vegan Business Tribe Podcast.

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Promote your business on our regular online networking meet-ups or get direct help and support on a business clinic.

We run all our events at multiple times to allow for different time zones and also for members who may run a side business alongside their dayjob. Recordings of all workshops are provided for members to watch back even if you can't make the session live!

£100 discount on Certified Vegan Business registration

With so many non-vegan companies now selling plant-based products or offering vegan services, it’s never been more important to be able to show that you are a genuine vegan business. Our Certified Vegan Business trademark is the way to prove that your company is run on vegan ethics and puts the vegan cause at the heart of your business, and as a VBT member you get £100 discount on registration.

What our members have said...

"We’d have never looked at our business strategy as hard if it hadn’t been for the push from you two. It’s been a total game changer."

Kayleigh Nicolaou,
Kakadu Creative, UK

"Your advice really gave us a wake up call. You guys made us recognise the value of what we are doing."

Jackie Norman,
Vegan FTA, New Zealand

"You have built something valuable and unique that is relevant to vegan business owners anywhere in the world."

Annette & Graham Henry,
Henry & Henry, Germany

"It’s like we’re now part of this new big family. It’s so good that you do this! We were blown away by our session with you."

Ed & Natasha,
BReD, Canada

Ready to join a thriving community of hundreds of vegan business owners?

£18.99 a month
First month free

Instant access with a free month trial. No minimum term. Cancel any time. £18.99 after free month.

Sign up with a debit, credit or checking bank card – or use Google or Apple Pay

Got a question? Check out our FAQs:

We define a ‘vegan business’ as a business that is an extension of your own vegan ethics. Your business must not sell any product or service that contains animal ingredients or does harm animals in any way. We have a lot of members with vegan businesses that don’t lead with the vegan message at all – we love a bit of vegan by stealth!

Vegan Business Tribe is a support community for vegans who have a business or who are business professionals. So as you would expect, almost all of our members are vegan. 

We do welcome members who have a vegan business and are also on the way to becoming vegan themselves. Often having the support of other vegans around you will help you take that final step. If you are not vegan yourself (and have no interest in being so) then we would ask you to think about your motivation for wanting to join a vegan support group.

It is our shared ethics that brings us together as business owners rather than our geography. Because we are based in the UK, many of our members are European, but we also have lots of members in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. Because of this, we make sure we cover all time zones with our live online events.

Yes you can!  You get a free 20-minute Zoom call with our founder and vegan business expert David when you sign-up where you can pick his brains on anything! David also offers 121 coaching (at an additional fee) for members who want more hands-on support.

Not at all!  Vegan Business Tribe was founded by a couple (David and his wife Lisa) and a number of our members are the same.  If you run your business with a partner, friend or family member then you are welcome to join all our live events, business clinics and networking events as a twosome.

No, you are completely in control. You can cancel your membership at any time yourself using the member dashboard when you are logged in.

Absolutely! A number of our members are pre-launch or currently have another job while they are planning their business. Having others around you on the same journey really helps you get a business off the ground.

We can help YOU get your business funded. We cover funding extensively in our Vegan Business Academy and have interviewed a lot of experts and companies who have gained funding themselves about how they did it. If you are thinking about crowdfunding, then we have a lot of resources to teach you how to do this successfully in our Academy.

If funding is your biggest question at the moment then talk to David about this in your welcome session and he will signpost you to lots of information for where to start.

Still have a question?

Have a question that we haven’t answered? Use the form below to send us any questions you have about becoming a member and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can with the answer!