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If you have a vegan business, you have found your tribe

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Is it too much to say I love you guys?!?!?!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  We are sitting down to go through some more planning and strategising and this has just made our lives so much easier.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

Kayleigh Nicolaou
Kakadu Creative

Signing up to Vegan Business Tribe was one of the best things I ever did. I genuinely feel part of a community and the love and support is immeasurable!

Samantha Barker
Vegan Handknit

BRILLIANT!! If you run a vegan business and you’re not signed up to their tribe, or listen to their podcast, seriously get to it, you will learn SO MUCH in such an enjoyable way! I listen to it on their website while I’m working, or when I’m out and about I listen on Spotify. Do it! You won’t regret it!

Susan Joyce
Little Green Pigeon

Thanks for being so engaging, direct and empowering. I’m not sure I would have so much energy after doing a day of Zoom calls with new members! Who would have thought we could get through so many important topics in 30 minutes! I’ve already booked on the next networking event!

Daniel Edwards
Bloody Lovely Branding Co.

We love Vegan Business Tribe!  It’s great to feel part of an understanding community. I was a little daunted at the prospect of a ‘networking’ event, but my fears were unfounded.  VBT is very different from my preconceived notions of the corporate business world. Thank you for creating something really special.

Annette Henry
Henry & Henry

I LOVE what you are doing and the community. It’s my fave community at this moment and I think it’s because of David and you. You have wonderful personalities that draw us to you, you represent what we represent, you’re friendly, joyful, committed, organised, and lead by great example. Truly inspiring!

Pauliina Salmenhaara
Living Food Labs, Bali

Does any of this sound familiar:

If this is you, then we know you will have had trouble finding a community and support that understands your vegan ethics.

That's why we built Vegan Business Tribe.

We were frustrated seeing so many great vegan businesses, just like yours, not able to get access to the advice they needed from people who understood why they had a vegan business.  But it’s not enough just to have a vegan business.  You cannot help us to move towards a vegan world unless you have a SUCCESSFUL vegan business.  Well, don’t worry – you have now found your tribe.

All paid members get access to:

Online course

How to market your vegan business

Do you need help marketing your vegan business, or is it time to pull a proper plan together but you don’t know how?  You have found your perfect course!

24 in-depth modules to work through at your own pace.  Including written content, videos, downloads and templates.  We will take you from knowing nothing about marketing to successfully getting your business out there. Written by vegan business experts specifically for the challenges of marketing vegan businesses with support from Lisa & David every step of the way.

Online course

How to market your vegan business

Do you need help marketing your vegan business, or is it time to pull a proper plan together but you don’t know how?  You have found your perfect course!

24 in-depth modules to work through at your own pace.  Including written content, videos, downloads and templates.  We will take you from knowing nothing about marketing to successfully getting your business out there. Written by vegan business experts specifically for the challenges of marketing vegan businesses with support from Lisa & David every step of the way.

Make new contacts...

At our regular networking meetings

Join our twicemonthly members’ networking session to link up with other vegan businesses and vegan business professionals.  Make crucial links, get support – and even some new friends!

Get early access to...

The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast

Paid members get access to download the latest Vegan Tribe Podcast a week before everyone else – just check your membership dashboard for the latest episode when you log-in.

Live groups

Online vegan business clinics & workshops

Join Lisa & David in our live online business clinics, or be part of one of our workshop groups, to really get that support you need to build a successful vegan business.

Get answers to your questions

Online mentoring forums

Have a question or need some mentoring?  Put your questions to our experts Lisa & David or introduce your business in our online forums.

Getting to know you

With a 30 minute 1-2-1 with Lisa & David

Tell us all about your business, talk over your plans and tap our brains with a 30-minute getting-to-know-you session on Zoom, available to all new members.  You will get a link to book after the sign-up page.

Watch again

With our member event archive

Watch back all our previous networking sessions, business clinics, Make It Happen workshops and one-off live events in our events archive – exclusive to paid members!


Fresh content every week

New content every week, from interviews with successful vegan businesses through to articles, guides and tips to grow your own vegan venture.  We also love to feature our members and their unique expertise and experience, so make sure you get in touch!

Join as a free or a paid member

Join our massively supportive community of vegan business owners and get the help, friendship and support you need to build a business that makes a difference


Free membership

Free access to our weekly articles, interviews, videos and podcast plus subscription to our weekly vegan business support email.

No credit card needed.


a month

Join our community of vegan business owners and meet and get support from others who are on the same mission as you.

Gives you full access to...

No minimum membership length. Renews automatically every month and cancel at any time yourself from your membership dashboard.

Any questions about joining?


a month

Support tier

Everything in our £12.99 a month tier plus a one-hour 1-2-1 with Lisa & David each month.

For people who want more support with their business, or who want to support the Vegan Business Tribe mission!

No minimum membership length.  Paid membership options automatically every month but cancel at any time yourself from your membership dashboard. 
Have a question about joining? Email:

What makes Vegan Business Tribe different:

Access to real expertise

Our vegan business experts Lisa & David have built their own vegan businesses and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them understand the vegan marketplace. Now they are here to help you.

Live online events

Online networking sessions, business clinics, workshops and masterclasses - all delivered by other vegan business owners and experts who really understand your motivations for running a VEGAN business.

New content every week

Articles, interviews with successful vegan businesses, tips, insights, guides and inspiration. Delivered to your inbox every week with our new podcast launching in November!

Straight talking

We only give you advice that has worked for us, or we've seen work in successful companies we've helped. No buzz words or jargon; you won't need a business degree to understand our real, practical advice and support.

Vegan Business Tribe will help you to:

Build a vegan business that you love which generates the income you need.

Learn how to get more customers and make them advocates for your business.

Network with a community of like-minded vegan business owners who are here to support each other.

Stay accountable for doing what you need to do to grow your vegan business.

Get one-on-one advice in our forum or at one of our live online business clinics.

Become more confident and authentic. Don't just build a better business, build a better YOU.

Our three levels of membership in full

Included content Supporter tier Full
Price £99 a month £12.99 a month FREE!
Our weekly vegan business articles, videos and interviews
Subscription to our weekly VBT email
Attend our twice-monthly member networking sessions
Access to live vegan business clinics with Lisa & David
Access to our workshops and support group on Slack
Enrol onto our vegan business marketing course and all future courses
Access to our members' forums
Early access to the latest podcast episode
Monthly hour-long 1-2-1 catch up with Lisa & David by phone or Zoom

Who are our vegan business experts Lisa and David?

Vegan Business Tribe was founded by Lisa and David from Promote Vegan – a vegan consultancy helping high street brands and large food companies better understand the vegan consumer.

Lisa and David also write the monthly business column for the UK’s biggest Vegan magazine, Vegan Food & Living as well as being the official UK agents for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

We launched Vegan Business Tribe at the start of 2020 as a place to offer support for vegan businesses – but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and we simply had to do everything we could to make our main content free and accessible to as many vegan businesses as possible. 

We’ve succeeded!  And the amount of success stories and new friends we’ve made along the way has been phenomenal!  Read our full story here >


Ready to join your tribe?

Have a question about joining?

Frequently asked questions

We set out with the goal to help as many vegan businesses as possible, which is why we make our weekly content free for everyone (registration as a free member required to access).

However (as we tell all our members!) for a vegan business to be successful it has to be financially sustainable! Our paid membership tiers not only give you full access to our community, site and online events, but also help to keep our main weekly content free for everyone.

Some people also want to give more each month to help support our mission, which is why we also introduced our supporter level of membership which includes a monthly catch-up with Lisa & David.

Yes you can – but we ask you to do it using the tools that are provided as part of your membership!  All paid members get a welcome 30 minute 1-2-1 chat with Lisa and David so that we can get to know you and find out more about your business.

For ongoing support, you can ask Lisa and David for their support through the forums or you can join our live business clinics to talk about your business in a small group.

Our supporter members also get a one-hour meeting each month on Zoom with Lisa & David, to either catch up with the latest from VBT or to talk about your business.

It is our veganism that brings us all together as business owners rather than our geography.

We are based in the UK, so this means that UK and European members make up the majority of our members at present – but we also have members from New Zealand, Japan, Canada, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and many other countries!

Because of our increasing number of members in other countries, we have now added events suitable for those in other timezones.

Not at all! Vegan Business Tribe is run by a couple and a number of our members are the same.  If you run your business with a partner, friend or family member then you are welcome to join all our live events, business clinics and networking events as a twosome!

We cover funding extensively in our content and have interviewed a number of experts and investors about funding a vegan business for our members. We have even run our own crowdfunding programme for members!

If funding is your biggest question at the moment then talk to us about this in our welcome 1-2-1 and we will signpost you to lots of information for where to start.

Live events are accessible to all our paid members.  Just log-in, head over to the events page, select your event and click the calendar link to book.

You will receive a Zoom link (and reminders before the event) after you book.  If you would like text reminders, remember to add your mobile number!

Our full marketing course is part of our paid membership.  Just head over to the marketing course page, scroll down to the module list and click on the first section to begin!

Yes, you can!  If you need help with a topic or have a specific question relating to that section, post a question at the end of the chapter and Lisa or David will respond with their thoughts.

You can even read through everyone else’s questions (and Lisa & David’s answers) on that chapter to get even more insight.

You can control all your account settings, including cancelling your membership at any time yourself, from your membership dashboard.

Note, if you cancel your membership it will remain active until your next monthly renewal date.  If you have any issues with your subscription please email

Yes, go to your member’s dashboard (visible once signed in) and click on account settings.  Under the ‘payments’ menu option you can download an invoice for each month.

We regularly interview members for the website, our podcast, YouTube channel and a monthly business feature we write in Vegan Food & Living Magazine.

However, we want to highlight the best of vegan business.  That does not mean the biggest or even most successful, but those who are TRULY REMARKABLE.  If you have a specialist skill that you think other members would benefit from learning about, or have an amazing story to tell – or if you think we’ve never seen a vegan business like yours before – then please get in touch on

Note that we only feature companies that are vegan, or owned and run by vegan founders.

We love our members suggesting new topics for us to cover!  Email to let us know what you would like to see!

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, email us on 

See our members every month in Vegan Food & Living magazine

Every month we feature one of our members in our business column in Vegan Food & Living, the UK’s best-selling vegan magazine:

What's the latest on Vegan Business Tribe?

How big is the marketplace for a vegan business?

You may have been told that vegan is too much of a fad to launch into, or it’s too small a marketplace to grow a successful business. But what’s the truth about that, and if that’s the case why are so many vegan businesses growing so quickly right now?

Let’s take a look at how big the marketplace is for a vegan business or service.

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How Happy Carrot Skincare hit their crowdfunding target​

Victoria from Happy Carrot Skincare was the second of our members on our Crowdfunding programme to hit their funding goal. Her campaign received a surge of donations in the last few days before the deadline, so we talk to Victoria to find out exactly what activity she did to hit her target, what she learned and what she would change if she did it all again.

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How to find more customers for your vegan business

It doesn’t matter if you sell a physical product or if you offer a vegan service (or even if you are a charity looking for donations) you rely on people handing over their money. So how do you REALLY find more customers for your vegan business? It’s time to go right back to basics.

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Behind the scenes with Primary Veducation

Lisa talks to Laura about how her work with Primary Veducation is creating a vegan-inclusive education system.

Learn how Laura is empowering vegan children, parents, teachers (and herself!) to help revolutionise how schools recognise and cater for veganism.

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How Kevin Newell built a vegan alternative to ‘pest control’​

From mice in your kitchen to foxes in your garden, Kevin Newell will have the solution to solve the problem with the least impact on the animal. In this interview, Kevin shares how he views the animal as his clients as much as his human customers and tells David how he built a successful vegan alternative to ‘pest control’ with a strict no-kill and humane capture policy.

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Live from VegfestUK: The taboos that we don’t talk about in business

We talk a lot about success, but what about the taboos in business that EVERYONE goes through but few talk about? Business failure, debt, mental health pressures, hidden disabilities… We bring together three successful vegan entrepreneurs to have an honest discussion about these things that we don’t talk about in business.

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