How VauHaus created an ethical model agency for green brands

Toria Brightside founded VauHaus as an ethical model and creative agency.  Since her own conversion to veganism, Toria has been transitioning the agency towards working with more green and vegan brands, which led to one of her models becoming the face of a new Meatless Farm advert.

VauHaus were also recently in the spotlight for running an open casting for new models with no entry requirements: no matter what your height, weight, age, gender (or even species!), Toria and her team welcomed all submissions.

In this interview, David talks to Toria about:

  • Why Toria first saw the need for an ethical model agency.
  • Why VauHaus ran an open casting call without any restrictions.
  • Toria’s own vegan journey after being a lifetime vegetarian, and what impact that had on her business.
  • How VauHaus are actively transitioning towards being an agency that works with green brands and vegan and ethical companies, and what the reaction has been from both clients and models to this.
  • How having a shared interest such as veganism with your customers develops huge trust.
  • How VauHaus won the Meatless Farm project and how this helped them then connect with other vegan and ethical brands.
  • Leveraging the fact that vegans like to work with other vegans.
  • Why Instagram has become a crucial tool, not just for visibility but as a communication tool with customers.
  • How Toria uses Instagram to show the company’s ethical credentials and to tell the story behind the faces.
  • Developing an authentic brand.
  • How VauHaus’ open casting-call without restrictions became one of their most widely-shared campaigns.
  • If you are considering becoming a vegan model yourself, how you can start.
  • Why one of the agency’s favourite models has four legs!
  • The unexpected places that Toria has discovered a number of her models and creative team.

Find out more about VauHaus, and see all their models, photographers and creatives at:

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