Running a business with a hidden disability

With Daniel Morgan Jones, founder of The Aspie World

A number of our Vegan Business Tribe members successfully run a business with a hidden disability or some form of neurodiversity – including our co-founder Lisa who didn’t receive an autism diagnosis until she was nearly 40. But only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid employment in the UK. 

In this special masterclass, Lisa talks to Daniel Morgan Jones, YouTuber, hugely successful autism / ADHD influencer, vegan entrepreneur and founder of The Aspie World, about both the challenges and positives of running your own business with a hidden disability.

What you will learn in this masterclass:

  • What getting a diagnosis meant to Daniel, and why it stopped him from being so harsh on himself.
  • Why neurodivergence seems to make you more likely to be vegan.
  • Why Daniel quit his job and decided that he needed to make his own work to better fit the requirements of his neurodivergence.
  • Why you have the power to control your own working environment and outcomes when you have your own business.
  • What challenges Daniel has faced running a business with autism, ADHD and OCD.
  • How Daniel manages the pressure to self-motivate by finding inspiration in unusual places!
  • How Daniel handles neurodivergent burnout but still runs a successful business.
  • How to overcome the guilt that neurodivergent people can have about switching off and relaxing.
  • How to handle the never-ending to-do lists that you might create for yourself.
  • Why employment rates are so dire for people with autism and ADHD, and the misconception that people on the spectrum can’t run their own business.
  • If you have an idea for your own business and you are neurodivergent, you should just run with it and see what happens. “Procrastination is going to kill you.”

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