Refer a friend and you BOTH get a free month!

Member referral scheme

1. Enter your friend's details and a personal message.

2. Your friend receives an invite with a first month free trial.

3. If your friend joins, then you get a free month too!

Do you have friend with a vegan business who is looking for help, support and to be part of a community of vegan business owners? Then use your membership to gift them a free month of Vegan Business Tribe!

And if they take their free month introduction offer, then you get a free month membership too as a thank you!

Just use this form to enter your friend’s details and to add a personal message from yourself to the invite.

* Your free month will be applied as a 100% discount to your next invoice once we have verified that your friend has joined the Tribe! 

Refer a friend

Your details:
Your friend's details:
Personal message to your friend:


Is there a limit on how many people I can refer?
None at all! Just submit each one separately using the form and they will each receive an email with a link they can claim.

Does my friend have to go beyond the first month trial for me to get a free month?
No, if they take up the free trial then you get a free month too!

However, we do reserve a ‘fair use’ policy on this. So if you just get 12 of your friends to sign-up and instantly cancel so you get a free year then don’t think we won’t know what you’re up to!

Is there anything I can do to encourage my friend to take up the offer?
Yes, we suggest you send them a personal email too asking them to watch out for the invite. The offer will be sent instantly but they can sometimes get caught in spam. Perhaps invite them to come along with you to one of our events that you will be attending yourself.

How long after I refer someone can I claim a free month if they join?
If your friend joins within three months of you referring them then we will credit them to your account! Note, you still need to be an active Vegan Business Tribe member yourself when they join for this to apply.

How do I know if my friend took up the offer?
At the end of each month, we run an audit of who’s previously been sent a refer a friend link and who’s signed up as a new member. As long as the name or email address matches then we’ll let you know! Note, this is still a manual process so there may be a couple of week’s delay before we apply your free month.

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Thank you - your friend has been invited to join the tribe!

Feel free to send them an email to make sure they have seen their invite. If they sign-up we’ll also apply a free month to your membership as a thank you!