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Tribe Live 2023: How to get your business in the news

Publicity and visibility is the lifeblood of any vegan business – and getting it easier than you think, if you just know how! Karin Ridgers is a former journalist, radio presenter and PR expert who has helped hundreds of vegan businesses and business owners get in the news. Learn the secrets of how to get your brand on TV, in the newspaper and magazines, onto local and national radio and featured by your favourite vegan news website. Recorded at Vegan Business Tribe Live 2023 at the London Olympia.

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Course: Vegans in the Limelight PR course, with Katrina Fox

Getting your business in the news is the cornerstone or your marketing. Award-winning journalist, Katrina Fox will take you through the entire process of running a successful PR campaign for your vegan business.

This 12-part video course comes complete with templates and downloads to help you both plan and action your PR strategy.

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VBTL22: How to get your vegan business in the news

How do you get noticed as a vegan business? In this session, Caroline Burgess-Pike (former Veganuary writer and founder of Eden Green PR) shows you how to get your vegan business in the news. Eden Green PR have run successful campaigns for many high-profile vegan brands and will show you all the tips and tricks of getting your business picked up by the news outlets.

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