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Getting your first employees right

Join our live Zoom workshop to learn the essentials of hiring your first employees. Discover how to develop the right business culture, attract suitable candidates, comply with UK law, and set up workplace pensions. With vegan PR consultant Tania De Bruler and IFA Jai Street. Ideal for small business owners.

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Battle of the brands

Vegan Business Tribe have partnered with veg-net to give one vegan-owned food brand a full day of one-to-one meetings with key retail buyers who are looking for new and exciting plant-based products. Worth £2,450 plus VAT.

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Apply to be interviewed on our new podcast!

Apply to be on our new podcast where we share the diversity of the vegan business scene! In each episode, our founder David will interview a different Vegan Business Tribe member for 20 minutes about what they do and how their own vegan journey connects with their business mission.

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