The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast Episode 117
What Andy Shovel did next... Interview with the co-founder of This.

Andy Shovel is the co-founder of ‘This’ who were the fastest-growing food company in the UK last year. And note that didn’t read the fastest-growing ‘vegan food company’, they were the fastest-growing food company full stop.

Their signature meat-replacement product ‘This is not Bacon’ is available in supermarkets across the UK as well as being served in restaurants, hotels and pre-packed sandwiches. And although Andy is something of a hero to many vegan business owners, not everyone in the vegan community agree with his approach of focussing his products on meat-eaters over vegans and vegetarians. 

In this episode, David talks to Andy about his approach to business and the rise of This. The interview was recorded shortly before Andy made public that he and his co-founder Pete Sharman were stepping down as the CEOs of This to hand the company over to a new management team, as the business looks to grow the company from their current £24m turnover to their goal of £100m. But in this session, Andy shares his plans to take everything he learnt from being the CEO of the UK’s fastest growing food company to become one of the UK’s leading animal rights advocates, with the launch of his new animal rights charity ‘A Bit Weird’.

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