The Vegan Business Tribe Podcast Episode 107: How 'Better Nature Tempeh' conquered the major retailers

We interview Better Nature Tempeh CEO, Chris Kong, about how they broke into the major retailers. Better Nature Tempeh have established themselves as the leading tempeh brand in the UK, but it wasn’t easy. First marketing themselves along the hundreds of other ‘meat replacement’ products, Better Nature struggled to get the attention of major retailers who were already oversaturated in this category. 

Then they learned to embrace what they were and set about to establish a new product category all of their own. Now you can find Better Nature Tempeh across the country in Tesco Supermarket and other major retailers, as well as now just launched into Germany too. 

Although Better Nature is a food company, Chris shares with us the mind-shift change that had to happen in the business to allow it to find growth, and his tips for other companies looking to scale up regardless of what sector they are in.

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