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How do you scale up a business?  How do you go from where you are now to breaking into the mass market?  We’ve gone out and found the answers by talking to the companies who have done it.

Join us for a series of 3 brilliant interviews with some amazing vegan business founders to learn how they scaled up.

There are certain questions that we get asked a lot about at Vegan Business Tribe and how to scale up your business is definitely one of those questions.  How do you take what you are doing (maybe from your own home or kitchen if you’re making a food product) and go from where you are now – to breaking into your first retailers, to building up to your first hundred stockists, to eventually selling across the country, in the supermarkets and beyond?

So we’ve gone out and found the answers by talking to the vegan businesses who have actually gone out there and done it. 

Although we’ve focused mainly on food and drink businesses in this collection, the foundations of scaling up are the same no matter what industry you are in.  If you DO have a food or drink business then you are going to take away some extra detail, but the information you are going to learn is relevant whether you sell a product, have a service company or even a charity or not-for-profit.

Because when you talk to the founders of vegan companies who have successfully scaled up their businesses, you start to see a lot in common with how they did it. So we look at how three vegan businesses successfully scaled up and what we can learn from how they did it.

Watch all three interviews plus introductions from David

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Fungtn is a vegan beer company with a difference.  First, the beer actually contains no alcohol, which make it different enough on its own, but it’s also a beer made from mushrooms. 

We talk to founder Zoey Henderson about how she went from having the idea for the company during the first coronavirus lockdown to now selling over 1,000 units a month – all achieved in pretty much a single year.

Better Nature produce Tempeh. It’s a similar product to tofu but is firmer and chunkier and has been enjoyed by millions of Indonesians for centuries.

Chris Kong, Oxford University graduate and co-founder of Better Nature, shares how the company grew from an idea to now being stocked in more that 200 independent retailers across the UK.  And how they managed to get into 50 of those retailers within their first 6 months.

You will find Miami Buger on the menu throughout the UK, in restaurant chains like Turtle Bay and the Slug & Lettuce pub chain. You can also buy them frozen through online supermarkets like Ocado and Mighty Plants and (before the pandemic) high-street stores including Holland & Barret and Morrison’s supermarket. Founder Tom Bursnall shares how they scaled up the business from an ill-fated fast food restaurant to one of the sectors most ethical and exciting burger brands.

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