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Whenever we run a live seminar or host a discussion panel for an event, you can find it here!

How to start a vegan business (Live from Global Vegfest)

So you’ve got the idea, you’ve done your research and know there’s a market, but how do you actually START a vegan business? In this panel discussion livestreamed as part of Global Vegfest, David is joined by four people who have done it to find out how.


5 things you need to make your vegan business a success (Live from Global Vegfest)

Interest in vegan and plant-based is at an all-time high but with so many huge brands now entering the market, how can you have a vegan business that is ethical but also financially viable? In this seminar livestreamed from Global Vegfest, David takes you through the 5 key things that will make your vegan business a success.


Live masterclass: How to find more customers for your vegan business

Finding customers is the lifeblood of any vegan business
In this 45 minute live masterclass with follow-on Q&A, Vegan Business Tribe founder and former Chartered Institute of Marketing Ambassador David Pannell delves into the art of finding more customers.


Live seminar: How big is the marketplace for a vegan business?

You may have been told that vegan is too much of a niche or a fad to launch a new product into, or it’s too small a marketplace to grow a successful business. But what’s the truth about that, and if that’s the case why are so many vegan businesses growing so quickly right now?


The things that we don’t talk about in business

We talk a lot about success, but what about the taboos in business that everyone goes through but few talk about? Business failure, debt, mental health pressures, hidden disabilities… We bring together three successful vegan entrepreneurs to have an honest discussion about the things that we don’t talk about in business.


Live seminar: Crowdfunding for a vegan business with Crowdfunder UK

We are joined by Crowdfunder UK for a live masterclass on how Crowdfundung works and how you can guarantee a successful crowdfunding campaign. This seminar was part of our crowdfunding programme where we helped 20 members run their first crowdfunding campaigns!


Expert panel: How To Get Funding For Your Vegan Business

Are you wondering how to raise finance for your business? Should you launch a crowdfunding campaign, should you get a bank loan, or maybe you should try and attract an investor? Recorded live at VegfestUK 2020, David brings together three experts in funding to answer all your questions about how to fund a vegan business.


Expert live panel: Future vegan product trends​

We all know that the vegan sector has exploded, but what’s going to be the next big trend? Recorded live at VegfestUK’s Summerfest Online, David hosts an expert panel including Louisianna Waring the Insight & Commercial Policy Officer at The Vegan Society and Dan Strettle, the Owner of Alternative Stores and vegan himself for over 5 decades.


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