David Pannell

Kickstarting for good application video

This video outlines the following application for Proveg’s Kickstarting For Good incubator.

Two large problems:

  • People don’t know how to bring together their ethics with how they make a living. They don’t realise that using their professional skill set can be their most effective form of activism – they don’t have to make food to have a vegan business.
  • There’s very little business support that understands someone’s motivation for having a vegan business. Traditional business advisors push vegan business owners to not follow a vegan agenda for fear it will hurt sales.
The solution:
  • Building on the four-year foundation of Vegan Business Tribe to expand into a NFP that can attract support to build a team and increase our reach and impact – either by transferring the current organisation over to a NFP framework, or launching a separate NFP alongside the current Vegan Business Tribe platform.
About Vegan Business Tribe:

Vegan Business Tribe is a support community of hundreds of vegan business owners who are on a mission to create a fairer, cruelty-free world. This is our activism. 200 million land animals are killed every day meaning that when you have a vegan business, lives are literally at stake.

Vegan Business Tribe has hundreds of guides, masterclasses, podcasts, online courses and interviews in our Vegan Business Academy, as well as running monthly online networking meet-ups, business clinics and goalsetting workshops. We offer both peer-to-peer support through our Community Hub and direct 1-2-1 support through our mentoring and business coaching schemes, whilst working to create opportunities for vegan businesses and championing the vegan business scene around the world.

About David

David is a career-long marketer & branding consultant. For a number of years he was also the Manufacturing Sector Ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and ran his own marketing and branding agency in Yorkshire for 20 years. 

Since 2020, he has also specialised in the high-growth vegan and plant-based sector, working with a number of high-street chains, brands and manufacturers to help them better succeed in the the vegan and plant-based marketplace.

David is the founder of Vegan Business Tribe which, since 2020, has grown into a membership community for hundreds of vegan businesses around the world.

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