We don’t think that ‘vegan’ businesses should be the ones with a label.

Why should we have to point out that our companies don’t cause cruelty or harm to animals? It should be the companies that DO that have to carry a warning.

To do this we need to make vegan businesses the new normal and skill-up those already running a vegan business to have a bigger impact on the business scene. It’s not enough to just run a vegan business, you need to run a SUCCESSFUL vegan business. If you believe in this too – we want you to be part of our journey.

Download our ‘Journey’ PDF to read what we’ve achieved in the first year of Vegan Business Tribe and how we built it.  Then read what our plans are for the next twelve months and how YOU can be involved.


Download our journey PDF which outlines what we've achieved in our first year and our plans for the next!

If the PDF opens in your browser, simply click the download link at the top of your browser to save it to your computer.

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