Join Vegan Business Tribe at the Great Yorkshire Vegan Market!

Lisa and David will be taking Vegan Business Tribe back on the road this weekend to support the Great Yorkshire Vegan Market – run by Vegan Events UK.  If you are in the area, you can join us on Sunday 20th June 2021 at Leeds Kirkgate Market from 10.30am until 4.00pm.

But what are Vegan Business Tribe looking to achieve from attending a local vegan fair?

Although the vast majority of vegan events have been cancelled due to the covid lockdowns, outdoor fairs and markets have been able to restart in many places and we’re really looking forward to getting out and meeting our members again.

Lisa and David will be on the Vegan Business Tribe stand this weekend at the Great Yorkshire Vegan Market, run by Vegan Events UK. It’s one of our local events, so a great one to get back out on the road with!  There will be a selection of over 50 vegan stalls and the market is open on Sunday 20th June from 10.30am until 4.00pm at Leeds Kirkgate Market.

Admission is £5 (with under 16’s free) and 100% of the proceeds go directly to animal welfare charities as the festival is fully run by volunteers.

VIP tickets are also available in advance for £15 which include fast track entry and a vegan goody bag!  Book tickets online through Eventbrite here.

Lisa and David will be on the VBT stand all day, as well as looking forward to supporting any of our members who also have a stand at the event.


Why are VBT doing a local vegan market?

As David always says, you should only put money into something you have proven works first, to then scale that thing up so it works even better.  Live events were always going to be a big part of our mix at Vegan Business Tribe (in fact, we launched with a live event in Bristol!) but then the lockdown hit and we went 100% virtual. 

We have set a number of KPIs (key performance indicators) for the event that we want to test out. You would think that the main indicator would be how many new people sign-up to Vegan Business Tribe, but that’s actually secondary.  The main indicator is how many conversations we have on the stall with people who either have a vegan business or are thinking about launching one.  This will actually prove to us (or not!) if local vegan markets and fairs attract the people who want to be part of our tribe – and we’re testing this first before spending money on getting the custom gazebo printed and the expensive give-aways ordered!

If we find we spend all day having conversations about people’s vegan businesses, then expect to see us at a lot more local events across the country.  WITH that printed gazebo…

We also want to test a couple of systems for collecting people’s details on the day. A local event like this is a great way to test that before the bigger (more expensive to book!) events open back up again.  Is the transactional offer we’re giving on the day going to be of enough value for someone to actively give up their email address?  How much social content can we get out of the day?  Do people connect with how we’re presenting our mission?  Can we successfully convert stand visitors to mailing list subscribers?

Local vegan fairs and markets are a great proving ground for your vegan business.  If you want to REALLY understand your customers and how they interact with your product, then go book a stall at your local vegan fair to find out!  Famous entrepreneurs like Sir Allan Sugar, Wayne Hemingway of Red or Dead, Steve Smith founder of Poundland, all credited their time on market stalls as being the place where they learnt what customers actually want.

If you are thinking about doing a vegan market or fair yourself, and want some tips of how to get the most out of it – check out Episode 25 of the podcast here:

025 - Getting the most out of vegan fairs and markets

For some companies, vegan fairs are one of their main routes of selling their products to the public, others do it to build an audience, but one of the main reasons to do your local fair is to get real one-on-one engagement with customers that you won’t get anywhere else.

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