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After trialling Slack as a communication tool for members to keep in touch with each other between meet-ups, we’re now rolling out the VBT Slack group to the rest of our paid members!

And we would love you to join us.  Read on to find out how.

Want to connect with other Vegan Business Tribe members?  Want to get support from other vegan business owners who share your ethics?  Join VBT on Slack!

If you haven’t used it before, Slack is a communication and collaboration app which you can use on your phone or desktop. It’s faster than email, and more focused than a ‘group chat’.

We’ve been trialling our Slack group since the start of 2021 with members who have been attending our Make It Happen goal setting and accountability workshopsIt has proven to be a great place for us all to support each other and we’re now rolling it out to all members on our paid tier!

Members have access to our three Community Hub channels on Slack:

  • Tribe chat: where you can communicate with other members, ask questions and find support.
  • Your business: where you can promote your business and update everyone on any new products or services you are offering.
  • VBT updates: where we’ll keep YOU up to date on everything Vegan Business Tribe: new events, news and announcements (including any last-minute places available on our business clinics and events!)

How do I use Slack?

If you want to know how to use Slack then check out this quick start guide here.

Rest assured that it’s really easy to use Slack: you can post messages in our chat channels that other members can see and reply to, and you can react and reply to other people’s messages.  Share messages as well as images and documents with your fellow Vegan Business Tribe members.  The best way to learn what it can do is to try it out!

If you’re already a part of our Slack Community Hub then look forward to welcoming your fellow VBT members and getting to know them much better!

Not received your invite? Email Lisa on

How to join the Vegan Business Tribe Slack group

If you already have a Slack account using the email address you signed up to Vegan Business Tribe with, then instead of receiving an invitation you will be automatically added to the Vegan Business Tribe Community Hub.

Not received your invite? Email Lisa on

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