Introducing our new tier of membership to give you extra support!

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We asked you what you wanted from Vegan Business Tribe, and you told us loud and clear!!

In our recent members’ survey, you were very clear about what our next steps should be with Vegan Business Tribe.  And we have introduced our new tier of membership to give you exactly what you asked for!

There were four main things that members wanted:

  1. A structured course that members can study at their own pace on how to get your vegan business out there.  You can now find it here!
  2. The ability to connect with other vegan business owners through networking events.  Book onto our next one here!
  3. Direct access to our vegan business experts Lisa & David to ask your specific questions.  Ask them at our next business clinic here!
  4. That our weekly content was kept free for any and all vegan businesses who need it.  You can continue to find it all here!

All of our new support is part of our monthly membership for £12.99 a month.  No minimum terms.  Not only are paid members able to get access to this extra support, but by joining Vegan Business Tribe you become the real hero – because you are making sure we can continue to produce and offer our weekly content for free to all vegan businesses.

Watch Lisa & David's introduction to the new membership tier in the video above, or...

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