Join the test group for our new format business clinics

Our business clinics are one of our most popular events, so we’ve extended the format meaning that more members will now get a chance to take part!

Event available to paid members.

Have you got an idea that you want some feedback on or do you have a problem in your business that you are struggling to solve?

Running a business can be hard, which is why it’s important to surround yourself with others who are on the same journey as you are.  Our small-group business clinics give you that support, creating an intimate space to talk about the problems in your business with other vegan business owners who understand your mission.

We have now expanded the business clinic format meaning that more members will get chance to take part in the sessions.  We’ve also removed the restriction of members being able to attend only one clinic a month – you can now join a clinic every single week if you like!

How do the new format clinics work?

After brief hellos, we all break into virtual rooms of three or four members each.  The first person then gets a 15 minute slot to put their question, problem or idea to the room to get advice, feedback or support from the other members.  After the first 15 minutes is up, we all return back to the main room where we will ask you to share your question with the whole group (in a single sentence!) and tell us the best answer you got from your room.  This also allows the members from other rooms to also put their advice in the chat too.

We then repeat this format until all members have had the chance to discuss their problem with their room, returning after each question to share the best answers with the whole group.

Why have we changed the format?

The change in format is all part of us being able to scale-up Vegan Business Tribe.  The original business clinics with just a handful of members at a time worked well when we were a fledgling community, but this small group format meant that the wait to join a business clinic had grown to (sometimes!) several months!  Now that VBT has grown, this new format means that members can join a clinic at short notice if they have a pressing problem in their business and also come as often as they like!

We will be testing the new format throughout March 2022.  For these first few, we will be capping each clinic to 16 members while we test the new clinic format.  Want to be part of the test group?!  Use the button below to book your place!

Event available to paid members.

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