How To get your Vegan business in the news

with Caroline Burgess-Pike, Eden Green PR

One of the most common questions we get asked at Vegan Business Tribe is “How do I get my message out there?”

In this video, David talks with Vegan PR expert Caroline Burgess-Pike from Eden Green PR about how vegan businesses can get in the news.  What we discuss:

In this session:

  • How Caroline first got into vegan PR through working with Veganuary and other huge vegan campaigns.
  • What are the basics of PR that every vegan business needs to know, and where do you start?
  • How you need to find a newsworthy hook or story to build your PR around.
  • Why sometimes the thing that will get you in the news is not your business, but YOUR story.
  • How to approach a publication and how to format a press release.
  • Why photos are so important and what images you should send to a publication.
  • How to follow-up with a journalist or editor.
  • How does your PR need to change for online news agencies?
  • How to connect with social influencers and get them to feature your product.
  • Examples of the best vegan PR campaigns that Caroline has seen.
  • How you can do PR on a zero or very low budget.
  • The biggest tips for a business just starting out with PR.

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