Launching FEB 2023 


New 6-part video course for VBT members with added 1-2-1 support programme

Is finding new customers holding your business back?

Regardless of what your business does, it cannot grow (or even survive) if it does not have enough people spending money with you. We get it, you have a vegan business so maybe you didn’t start it for the money. But without new customers, you simply can’t continue what you are doing in the long term or ever hope to take your business to the next phase.

Having a successful business means mastering the art of transferring money from other people’s bank accounts into yours. Does saying it that way make you feel uncomfortable? Well look at it this way instead – if your product or service genuinely solves someone’s problem or significantly improves their life, then it is your duty to get that product in front of that person.

This six-part video course is delivered by Vegan Business Tribe founder and vegan business guru David Pannell. It will take you through the process of understanding how people become customers and (more importantly) why not enough people are becoming yours.


Learn how to map out your customer's buying timeline so that you can understand what makes them buy.

Understand how to take someone from the top of your 'marketing funnel' to the bottom.

Find out the reasons your customers are not buying, and change your approach to align with their trigger points.

Develop your toolkit of strategies to nudge someone over the line when you know they are ready to buy.

Option of 1-2-1 coaching through the course to help you apply what you have learnt to your own business.


This course will be launching with the option to have David support you one-on-one through the process of finding more customers in your own business. Very limited space.

The course - launching February 2023

Do you think that people just see your product or brand, think that looks good and then make a purchase? Regardless of if you are aware of it or not, someone who becomes your customer goes through a complex process that may have started months (or even years!) earlier. If you want to find more customers then you need to understand and then take control of this process so that you can lead more people through it.

First you need to understand how people buy so that you can understand how to sell to them. In this section David explains the concept of buying timelines and how to understand your customer’s trigger points. Trust us – no matter how interested someone seems in your product or service, until they hit a specific trigger point, nothing you do will make them buy. So how do you lead them to that point faster?

You might have heard of the concept of a funnel before and maybe the term makes you think of high-pressure sales techniques or some big, automated sales system. But the reality is that your prospective customers go through a process of becoming aware of you to buying from you, and just because you haven’t labelled this process it is still there! So you may as well take ownership of your funnel so that you can increase the amount of people who go through it.

Getting to the point of recognition with a potential customer is hard. In the past, we talked about a customer needing to have seen your company at least seven different times and in at least seven different ways before they became aware of you. Now with all the noise of digital marketing, you have to think about how to make that prospective customer see you 20 times to even get into their consciousness. And that requires a different kind of strategy.

Every customer goes through a complex evaluation of a product or service before they buy – and the more of an investment they have to make then the longer that process takes. There are only five reasons why someone doesn’t buy and if you can identify which one is stopping someone from becoming your customer, then you can give them the information and answers they need to nurture them over the line.

You might find it easy to get plenty of people into the top of your funnel, but if you do not have a strategy to move those people into the final phase then shockingly few of them will become customers on their own. From conversion events to special offers only for people who are right at their decision point, you need to make sure you have a process for leading people up to and over that final line.

Just because someone has bought from you, don’t think that is where the process ends. It is far easier to keep selling to someone who has already bought from you and is familiar with your company than it is to find a new customer. And with the right motivation, you will be able to convert some of those customers into your champions who will go out and find even more new customers on your behalf!

Your expert

David Pannell is the co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe and the host of the Vegan Business Tribe podcast. 

In his former life, David was an Ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and ran his own successful marketing and business growth agency for over 12 years. Over his career, David has helped hundreds of companies across multiple sectors both in B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer).

If you want to find more customers then you need to understand and then take control of this process so that you can lead more people through it.

The outcome

This is the bit where you are expecting us to say that when you have finished the course you will have doubled or tripled the amount of customers your business gets. No course will do that – but what it will do is give you the knowledge of HOW to do that.

It might be that a lot of what you are doing is already good but you haven’t pulled it together into a strategy so that you know where to focus your efforts. Or it might be that you always left your sales and marketing to chance, knowing that it delivered some customers but nowhere near enough for your business to grow. When you get to the end of this course you will:

  • Understand how your customers buy and how you can position your marketing messages and activities to align with that.
  • Also understand why your customers do NOT buy and how you can answer all the objections they have, even if they never ask you to.
  • Understand how to make someone truly conscious of your business and to start considering your products or services.
  • Know how to nurture a prospective customer along their evaluation process to bring them to a sales decision quicker.
  • Have a toolkit of strategies to nudge someone over the line when they are open to buying – trust us, they rarely take that step if you leave them to their own devices!
  • Know how to retain your current customers – and how to use your vegan mission to make some of them into champions who will go and find more customers for you.

 Exclusive Coaching option 

This course is free to all Vegan Business Tribe members. But if you want extra help to apply what you have learnt to your own business, and the accountability to actually make you do it, then join our support programme.


So we know there is a big difference between learning and actually doing. Can’t seem to make enough time? Need some extra guidance about what you have learnt? Or just need someone to keep you motivated and accountable? For the first time, we are launching a coaching option to this course to make sure that you actually move your business forward.

David will coach a limited number of Vegan Business Tribe members one-on-one on Zoom through the course to help you apply what you have learned to your own business. We are offering this as an initial trial for just FOUR VBT MEMBERS on a three-month programme at a discounted rate of £495 a month for these first four.

Will David actually do all of this for me?

Nope! That’s not how coaching works. This is your business and its success is down to no one but you. If it becomes clear early on in the coaching that you are just never going to get any of this done yourself, then we will change direction and work out how you are going to either make that time or how you are going to bring in additional support to your business to make it happen.

This course is FREE to all members. If however you would like to join our support programme alongside the course: 
3-month coaching programme @ £495 a month

Limited to 4 companies. Billed monthly on the first of each month


This course is free to all Vegan Business Tribe members as part of your monthly membership. Pre-register here to be notified when the course goes live, or to apply to take part in the initial coaching intake.

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