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How to get customers

With David Pannell

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Over four hours of video content, delivered by vegan business expert David Pannell

Broken into 50+ digestible chunks to work through at your own pace!

Using examples and case studies from vegan brands and ethical businesses

A list of exercises at the end of each chapter to help apply what you have learnt

Downloadable certificate awarded at the end when you complete the course!

Is your ability to find customers holding you back?

Regardless of what your business does, it cannot grow (or even survive) if it does not have enough people spending money with you. We get it, you have a vegan business so maybe you didn’t start it for the money. But without new customers, you simply can’t continue what you are doing in the long term or ever hope to take your business to the next phase.

In this eight-part video course containing over 4 hours of content, Vegan Business Tribe founder and vegan business guru David Pannell takes you through the process of understanding how people become customers and (more importantly) why not enough people are becoming yours.

Each chapter concludes with a list of exercises for you to complete to help apply what you have learnt to your own business.

Vegan Business Tribe paid membership required to access.

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Click through the course sections below to see a breakdown of each chapter:

1.1 Introduction from David Pannell [7.56]

2.1 You don’t buy like this, so what makes you think your customers are going to either? [6.53]
2.2 Introducing buying timelines [7.32]
2.3 Becoming aware of a need and ‘passive’ research [5.02]
2.4 The customer’s trigger point [5.27]
2.5 The five different types of trigger points [10.24]
2.6 The ‘active’ research phase [8.06]
2.7 Making a purchase [3.31]
2.8 Chapter recap [3.46]

3.1 Introducing the sales and marketing funnel [3.14]
3.2 Diagnosing where your customers are getting stuck [5.30]
3.3 Introduction to the funnel: ‘Awareness’ [3.38]
3.4 Introduction to the funnel: ‘Evaluation’ [2.42]
3.5 Introduction to the funnel: ‘Purchase’ [1.43]
3.6 Introduction to the funnel: ‘Retention and creating champions’ [2.05]
3.7 Strategy versus tactics [3.26]
3.8 Automation [4.29]
3.9 Chapter recap [3.57]

4.1 You need to times your visibility goals by ten [7.45]
4.2 Getting known by the influencers in your industry [2.46]
4.3 Finding the gatekeepers to your audience [6.05]
4.4 How much marketing are you really doing? [4.44]
4.5 Finding out which marketing activities work [7.17]
4.6 Knowing which marketing activities to do first [8.33]
4.7 Creating an exchange [3.30]
4.8 Chapter recap [4.15]

5.1 Getting a customer to start evaluating what you sell [8.15]
5.2 Leading your customer through an evaluation ‘gateway’ [4.44]
5.3 Nurturing [3.58]
5.4 The 5 objections your marketing needs to overcome [1.52]
5.5 Overcoming objections: your customers have no need for your product [4.31]
5.6 Overcoming objections: your customers can’t afford your product [5.06]
5.7 Overcoming objections: your customers are in no hurry to buy [2.45]
5.8 Overcoming objections: your customers don’t have any desire for your product [4.24]
5.9 Overcoming objections: your customers don’t trust you yet [4.22]
5.10 Is your limited reach stopping you from getting your message across? [7.36]
5.11 Why email marketing is still important [6.39]
5.12 Chapter recap [4.17]

6.1 People don’t buy on their own [4.09]
6.2 Using a conversion ‘tool’ [4.12]
6.3 Remarketing [2.32]
6.4 Creating a buying environment [3.05]
6.5 Take responsibility for the sale [6.38]
6.6 Testing what’s going to work for your company and customers [4.51]
6.7 Chapter recap [3.32]

7.1 Selling to people who’ve already bought from you is easier than selling to someone new [4.30]
7.2 What else can you sell to your current customers? [3.10]
7.3 Your customers will stay with you if they believe in your mission [3.40]
7.4 Brand loyalty and creating champions [5.13]
7.5 Chapter recap [2.56]

8.1 You’ve done it. Now you just need to do it! [5.41]
8.2 Course recap [3.54]

About the presenter

Co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe, David Pannell is a life-long entrepreneur and the host of the Vegan Business Tribe podcast. 

Along with his wife Lisa, David ran a successful marketing and business growth agency for 12 years and was also a specialist sector ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

David has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to help them understand the vegan consumer and is the official UK agent for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark scheme.

Watch a sample video...

Sample the first video of section 3, where David explains about the concept of a sales and marketing funnel: 

If you have an established business then you already have a funnel, even if you are not aware of it. Your prospective customers are already going through this process of becoming aware of you to buying from you. Just because you haven’t labelled that process, it is still there so you may as well take ownership of it. 

You might as well find out which bits are already working and which aren’t, where are people dropping off and where are they getting stuck, and what you can do to increase the number of people who go all the way through it right to the end.

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