How to be a vegan influencer

with Hench Herbivore

In this video, Lisa speaks with Paul Kerton and Gemma Nichols, better known as ‘Hench Herbivore‘, about the business side of being a vegan influencer. 

Hench Herbivore built their success showing the world that vegans can build muscle, be fit and healthy (and get plenty of protein!!) on a plant-based diet. They have also featured some amazing vegan fitness and body-building superstars on their YouTube channel of over 55k followers.

It seems that many people think being an influencer is a super-glamorous and easy life, but it is actually a business – just like any other business – and needs to be run like one to be successful.  Paul and Gemma pull back the curtain on their lives as successful vegan influencers and explain how you can make a living if you aspire to be one yourself.  And let us tell you right at the start, you’re not going to be able to make that living from YouTube advert payments!

Looking at the flip side, Paul also explains how to approach influencers if you are looking to work with one to promote your brand.

In this session:

  • How embracing veganism led Paul to absolutely transform his life away from the big, mean and the sometimes violent tough-guy image he had built.

  • Where the Hench Herbivore name and brand came from and Paul’s mission to fight the image that vegans are physically weak and lacking protein.

  • How Gemma and Paul have divided the roles of the business, with Paul usually in front of the camera and Gemma behind it, to make a successful company.

  • How their YouTube channel first started making money and when they realised it could become a viable business.

  • How Paul and Gemma used online tutorials and videos to learn all the skills they needed to become professional content creators.

  • How to use tools such as Social Blue Book to work out how much to charge brands who want them to promote their products.

  • The multiple different revenue streams – from sponsorships to affiliate deals – they have set up to make a viable money-making business.

  • How passive revenue streams, like their cookery books, take a lot of time to create but then create income as you sleep.

  • Why, if you are doing good in the world, people will also give you donations to support you on your mission.

  • How producing ‘print-on-demand’ merchandise using sites such as means you don’t need to keep stock in your home and other people will manage the orders for you.

  • How, if you love and live your topic, creating content doesn’t feel like work. Even going on holiday gives you content!

  • Why there is a time, as your reach grows, where you have to start picking which opportunities you follow and which messages you can reply to.

  • How you can learn by studying other successful influencers in your niche such as ranking their most successful content.

  • Why the number of video views is now more important than the number of subscribers.

  • How to connect with your audience by being authentic, and why you just can’t keep up a facade – you have to be you.

  • What new skills Paul and Gemma have had to learn, from Photoshop through to tax returns.

  • Why you need to really have a passion to be successful, otherwise it will at some point just become a chore.

  • How you can cover the bills, have a flexible job and be your own boss as a vegan influencer without having to earn millions.
  • How to approach an influencer if you want one to promote your company or brand.

  • Why money doesn’t always have to change hands when working with influencers.

  • What influencers are looking for when companies are looking to do campaigns with them.

  • How much work Paul and Gemma have done in understanding their audience and working out what they want next.

  • How Gemma is now launching her own brand and channel to compliment the Hench Herbivore brand.

Learn more about Hench Herbivore:  YouTube | Website | Instagram | Facebook

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