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Many people dream of aligning their ethics with how they make a living. It used to be that vegan businesses were restricted to food, drink or beauty products – but now you can find everything from vegan web designers to vegan accountants. Read this guide from Vegan Business Tribe to find out how you too can join the vegan business revolution!

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Before we look at how to start a vegan business, we first need to talk about why.

If your business does not generate enough money to give yourself and your team a comfortable standard of living, then it’s not viable as a long-term business.

Depending on which study you read, only 3-6% of the population identify as vegan. So if you’ve got a vegan business, or you are selling a vegan product, it’s natural to wonder if that’s going to be a big enough marketplace for you to have a viable business.

If you think that being vegan is going to make your business unique, then you’re several years too late.

Most businesses find success by going through a series of failures. Your job is to go through that process before you spend a lot of time and money on your idea.

Investment, crowd-funding, getting a loan or maxing out your credit card?!

It is perfectly acceptable to build your business in public these days.

Don’t think that you are doing this on your own. You will be far more successful if you surround yourself with other people who are on the same journey as you are.

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What our members say...

"We’d have never looked at our business strategy as hard if it hadn’t been for the push from VBT. It’s been a total game changer."

Kayleigh Nicolaou,
Kakadu Creative, UK

"Your advice really gave us a wake up call. You guys made us recognise the value of what we are doing."

Jackie Norman,
Vegan FTA, New Zealand

"You have built something valuable and unique that is relevant to vegan business owners anywhere in the world."

Annette & Graham Henry,
Henry & Henry, Germany

"It’s like we’re now part of this new big family. It’s so good that you do this! We were blown away by our session with you."

Ed & Natasha,
BReD, Canada

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