Virtual co-working

Our events are exclusive to paid members

Virtual co-working with your fellow VBT members:
9.00am and 4.00pm UK time.
2 hours per session on Zoom.

Open to all paid members – new dates added every month.

Two consecutive one-hour slots which help you to be focused and productive in a friendly group where we all hold each other accountable. And there’s no need to feel lonely when you’ve got all our faces on Zoom in the background!

How it works:

For the first five minutes we tell each other what we’re going to work on, then we start a 50 minute timer and get to work. For the final five minutes we share our progress with each other, then start the process all over again for the second hour.

Can I attend for just the 1st or 2nd hour?

We’d love to have you come along for the full two hour session, but you can happily drop in for just the first or the second hour if that suits you better.  Or come to both sessions on the same day if it’s going to help you make good things happen!

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