Watch back: How to get more customers for your vegan business

How do you find more customers?Should you be doing Instagram?  Should you be paying for Facebook adverts? Should you be doing email marketing and PR? In this live one-hour masterclass plus Q&A, David takes you right back to the basics of sales and marketing to find out.

One hour masterclass plus Q&A, available to all Vegan Business Tribe members as part of your £12.99 a month membership.

Finding customers is the lifeblood of any vegan business.  It doesn’t matter if you sell a physical product, if you offer a vegan service, or even if you are a charity looking for donations – your business relies on people giving you their money! We all need customers and, usually, we would all like more of them.

In this 45 minute live masterclass with follow-on Q&A, Vegan Business Tribe founder and former Chartered Institute of Marketing Ambassador David Pannell delves into the art of finding more customers.  And if you were expecting David to talk about social media platforms, advertising and creating content then you might be surprised when you learn what the real secrets are to finding more customers.

One hour masterclass plus Q&A, available to all Vegan Business Tribe members as part of your £12.99 a month membership.

David covers four fundamental points:

1. You only get results if you have spent time working on your ‘strategy’ and customer research first to find out what’s going to make people become customers in the first place.

2. Generating visibility for your company means framing your business in a way that people will share and take notice of.  David shares examples of vegan businesses that have done just this.

3. Why your customers will tell you everything you need to know about how to find more people just like them.

4. Your marketing will only get a potential customer 90% of the way there.  At some point, you have to ask if they would like to dance!

Implementing what you learn in this seminar will fundamentally change how you approach your marketing and new customer generation – and may even fundamentally change your business.


Who is David Pannell?

David is a lifelong marketer, entrepreneur and vegan business champion.  Along with his partner Lisa Fox, David is the co-founder of Vegan Business Tribe.

David is also the founder of vegan consultancy ‘Promote Vegan’, where Lisa and David advise some of the leading high-street brands and global food manufacturers on understanding the vegan marketplace.  David is also the UK agent for The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark scheme and the presenter of the 5-star-rated weekly Vegan Business Tribe podcast.

In his previous (pre-vegan!) life, David was an ambassador for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and has built (and sold) a number of his own businesses over his 25+ year career.

VBT members can watch back the full masterclass and Q&A here

One hour masterclass plus Q&A, available to all Vegan Business Tribe members as part of your £12.99 a month membership. 

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