It's time to get started on your crowdfunder!

Vegan Business Tribe have teamed up with Crowdfunder UK to support a group of our members through a crowdfunding campaign.  We needed 20 companies to sign up to the programme – BUT WE GOT MORE THAN DOUBLE THAT!

The official go live date is the end of February, so if you signed up for the programme you now have to start working on building your crowdfunding page. 

It's time to get started on your crowdfunder

We smashed the numbers on our crowdfunding programme, so now it’s over to you!  The official go-live date for the programme is the end of February, although companies will still be able to go live a few days after this date (or even before!) and still be listed on the group page.

Complete your page

As part of registration to the programme, you will have created your Crowdfunder account using our special link to be part of the programme.

Now it’s time to get your crowdfunding page ready.  First, you should sign-up for Crowdfunder’s online learning platform (note you will need to register with a new account for this platform separate to your general Crowdfunder one) which is excellent, and will walk you through everything you need to do next: 

There are four courses you should complete that will answer all your questions about how to set up your page and run your campaign:

  • Crowdfunder: Introduction
  • Crowdfunder: Planning your project
  • Crowdfunder: Creating your project
  • Crowdfunder: Running your project

And if you are struggling after reading through these, then 1-2-1 support will also be available from Nicole at Crowdfunder, who is a passionate fellow vegan herself!

If you want an overview, watch-back the introduction to crowdfunding seminar and Q& A here:

Come meet your fellow crowdfunders...

We have set up a Zoom networking event for you to meet others who are also part of the group on Thursday 11th February at 4.00pm (UK time). Hopefully by then you will have completed the courses and be well on the way to having your Crowdfunder page set-up. You can book on here:

Note this event is only for people signed up to the crowdfunder programme.

We are inviting everyone who is part of this programme to also join Vegan Business Tribe’s paid membership. However, we are offering a first month free coupon to anyone who is not already a paid member, which will give you access to the site, our community and our event booking system throughout the programme. Just email and we will send you a coupon code.

Some things for you to consider...

How much should you be looking to raise?
Crowdfunder provide a very simple formula to work out how much you will be likely to raise: On average, 1 in 20 people who visit your Crowdfunding page will make a donation and the average donation amount is £50.  Therefore if you wanted to raise £3,000 that will require you getting 1,200 people to visit your page. Start by looking at your mailing list, your online following, your friends and family and what publicity you can get – how many people can you drive to your Crowdfunding page over an average 4 week campaign?

What rewards should I give?
You can run a campaign without giving rewards, however people are more likely to give if they are receiving something in return. You don’t need to offer a product – think about an invite to an exclusive online event, or a memento, or allowing someone to leave a legacy. Also offer different rewards for different sized donations – Crowdfunder’s course above has loads more great examples.

Should I make a video?
Crowdfunding videos are optional, but highly recommended both by Vegan Business Tribe and Crowdfunder! Again, their course has lots of great tips, or you can also watch this workshop with our member Darren Cavanagh from The Very CreatiVegan for tips on making a video yourself.

We want as many members as possible going live at the end of the month - so time to get going!

Although Crowdfunder are giving us extra support, YOU will need to put the hard work in to get people to your crowdfunding page once it goes live. So start now!

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Does any of this sound familiar:

If this is you, then we know you will have had trouble finding a community and support that understands your vegan ethics.

We were frustrated seeing so many great vegan businesses, just like yours, not able to get access to the advice they needed from people who understood why they had a vegan business.  But it’s not enough just to have a vegan business.  You cannot help us to move towards a vegan world unless you have a SUCCESSFUL vegan business.  Well, don’t worry – you have now found your tribe.

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It’s time to get started on your crowdfunder!​

Vegan Business Tribe have teamed up with Crowdfunder UK to support a group of our members through a crowdfunding campaign. We needed 20 companies to sign up to the programme – BUT WE GOT MORE THAN DOUBLE THAT! If you signed up, here’s what you need to do next.

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